Overcome Buyer Resistance PART TWO

So we know a buyer needs to “care” about what it is you are selling. This means they must engage emotionally no matter what it is you’re selling.

The facts about your offer make minor difference. So, what does matter?

In fact, how do you get a person to decide in your favour? Well, the brain loves novelty, and new thinking.

Do this and you can expand your reach and engage with more people. You can transform your “face” to the world, and create the future you want.

To achieve brilliant results something has to happen inside a buyer’s brain. So, let’s look at the decision-making mechanism of the brain.

Let’s start with the distinction between the left and right brain hemispheres.

The left brain processes linearly, prefers logic and mathematics while the right brain thinks conceptually, enjoys art, music, creativity and inspiration. Rather a clever lot, aren’t we!

In fact, through evolution, the brain can be divided into 3 parts:

The new brain thinks – it processes rational data.
The middle brain feels – it processes emotions and relies on gut feel.
The old brain decides – it uses information from the other two brains and, importantly, contains the trigger for making decisions.

The old brain determines what sensory information is passed to the new brain. When attempting to influence people you must satisfy the old brain.

Your whole marketing and sales strategy should be based on satisfying the old brain.

By the way, words have been around about 40,000 years. Written words have been around about 10,000 years.

This means the old brain has been around about 45,000 times longer than the written word! So, in evolutionary terms words alone do not significantly influence the old brain.

So much for selling through facts and features!

Now I’m not sure if it is particularly comforting to know that the decision whether to use you or not, will be made by the old brain, a brain that doesn’t understand words, but there it is!

This suggests a method to access the old brain of a buyer to improve your ability to sell yourself, market your goods, and communicate more effectively is needed. Your mission is to get people to care.

In the next part I’ll provide some useful tips about how to engage the old brain successfully. Specifically, how to get the old brain to experience a positive emotional response to your message.

So, continue to learn more about this topic by reading Part Three.

Remember you have many faces, many skills, many talents and a number of wonderful attributes. And you also have choice.

Why not choose to make a crucial difference to the way you communicate by marketing and selling based on the old-brain?

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