Overcome Buyer Resistance PART ONE

To state the obvious:
Selling your services or products is a challenge.
Selling is a tough profession.
Sales people are aware that selling is harder than it used to be, primarily because buyers are more sophisticated today and far better educated.

So, what can you do?
Given the competition is intense and there is often a resistance to traditional closing techniques, it makes sense to get rid of any shotgun approach and discover a more refined and winning way.

One of the problems is that buyers are more aware when they are being sold to.
Old tricks and manipulation fail miserably. And, to make matters worse, people have a built-in neediness detector.

We just know that the more someone wants or needs us to do something that they are focused almost exclusively on their own best interests.

What do people need to take action?
They need to “care”.
The “facts” around a product or service is just not enough even if people believe what you are presenting.

For example, just about everybody believes eating fatty food can lead to health problems.
The facts are clear, yet this knowledge and the belief generally fail to make a person care enough to act.
The biscuit tin wins yet again.

If you really want to be able to influence people elegantly and particularly if you want to sell successfully you need to be able to understand the “buy buttons” in a person’s brain.

This requires a basic understanding of how the brain operates.
In spite of the enlarged neo-cortex – the new brain – that has evolved and wraps around the brain, it is the “old brain” that makes key decisions.

So, what is the old brain and how do you access it to persuade other people to make a decision to deal with and buy from you?

The goal is two-fold: Make your messages intuitively “emotional” to the old brain so you can convince a person to “care”, and also to transform their beliefs into action.

This is done through properly understanding the decision-making mechanism of the brain, in particular how the “old-brain” works.
You need the thinking, feeling and deciding mechanism of the brain to work in your favour.

Continue to learn more about this topic by reading Part Two.

Remember you have many faces, many skills, many talents and a number of wonderful attributes.
And you also have choice.

Why not choose to make a crucial difference to the way you communicate by selling using the old-brain?

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