Face Reading PART TWENTY

In a previous part I covered how the nose points the way.

In fact, just about everything you have follows your nose!

And the nose has so much to tell you.

Yes, it’s your the nose that leads the way!

Size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face are relevant because they reveal how a person projects their personality.

And, importantly, it can be said that their attitude regarding wealth is seen through the nose.

Here I specifically want to take a closer look at the nostrils.

Now I know staring at someone’s nostrils doesn’t sound like the most blissful way to spend the day, but it can be worthwhile because they do show some interesting, valuable characteristics.

So take a deep breath, be brave, and start your observations.

What do the nostrils reveal?

Several things.

And sales people in particular will want to add these potential insights to their toolbox.

Let’s start with nostril size.

Now a quick way to assess the size is to simply look, and if you can see the whole shape then they can be considered as large.

Large nostrils tend to indicate a person who likes to spend money, so it’s no surprise that smaller nostrils belong to the more conservative.

The shape of the nostrils provides some shrewd information about personality.

For reasonably quick insights take a look and determine whether the nostrils are one of four distinctive types.

I’m talking about round, rectangular, flared and triangular nostrils.

Round are circular, naturally.

Rectangular have a relatively straight and long shape.

Flared tend to start straight and then curve as they move towards the ears.

Triangular are rarer and have the apex of the triangle at the top.

Face Reading Nostril Types

What do these four types indicate?

In a nutshell, the shape of the nostrils provides information about the spending habits of a person.

This can be useful for a person in sales and business.

The best customers are those with round nostrils.
Why? They love to spend.

They are also pretty astute when it comes to managing their cash flow.

They will find creative ways to keep on spending.

Don’t bother hiding their credit card – they’ll always get another one, or two, or even more!

Those people with rectangular nostrils are far more careful and exercise restraint and control.

They will budget and think before splashing the cash.

As the name suggests, flared nostril owners will spend liberally on something they really want.

They won’t dither or hold back.

If they want it, they’ll buy it!

These people are often quite independent, and the larger the flare the more independent they can be.

A word of warning: Do not upset this person – you will never be forgiven!

The triangular types are careful spenders and will not buy something they can’t afford.

Keep in mind that a person’s two nostrils may be a little different from each other.

So, it’s possible to have a flared nostril with a rounder nostril and so on, at least to some degree.

Remember that the right-sided nostril provides business and career type information.

Keep in mind you have many faces, many skills, talents and attributes, so let’s put them to use.

Take a good look at those little fellows to see what they tell you.

Be mindful: The face says: “This is who I am!”

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