How to Read Minds

Imagine the advantage of knowing you know what somebody is thinking!

Just imagine how useful it would be in a business context.
Well, perhaps it’s possible!

The ability to read someone’s mind could transform your results in any number of areas.

Obviously, if you did know what somebody was thinking it would put you in a far better position to specifically know what to do to really help a person to get what they want.

And it would save you a lot of time – you could sidestep so many irrelevancies and get to the point much quicker.

Without this knowledge you have to find a way to discover what somebody is really thinking and not be forced to rely on just their words.

Of course, you can employ your language skills, influence techniques, emotional intelligence understanding, and body language knowledge to uncover, at least in part, the intention.

Just consider this:

I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you to know that there are universal truths that apply to most of us.
In so many circumstances, particularly in social settings, people behave relatively predictably.

In truth, reading someone’s mind frankly is sorcery, the stuff of the magician, party tricks.
Even if there are certain characteristics that most people follow this does not provide you with reliable nor specific information you may need.

But all is not lost.
Here’s what you can do.
It is critical you make sure the person you want to influence fully understands what you can do for them.

Use all of your language skills to paint a clear picture of their pain.

Emphasise exactly what they are missing out on.

You must reveal what they presently have in a given context.
You must let them know what they are lacking means for them, what they are missing out on.
You tell them the way they presently feel is not necessary.
You inform them what they can have, do, or get.
And you get them to visualize how much better they will feel with the right solution for their headache.
You have even properly mentioned your solution…yet.

Now it can get interesting.
Tell them how your solution has helped a considerable number of people just like them.
Once you have done this invite them to try your solution.
Tell them they have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Now you really want to fire up their imagination.
Get them to imagine a future with this problem removed.
Imagine no more headaches!
Tell them their dream is within reach.
Tell them their goal can be quickly me.

Next move on to remove any concerns and objections they may have by revealing your cast-iron guarantee.

Do this before they offer any objection.
Get in first.

Make them feel secure in the knowledge that their investment is safe, and they are fully secure because of your guarantee.

Throw in scarcity for good measure.
Tell them to take advantage of your solution by suggesting you can only allow a small number of people to participate.
Say it’s not scarcity just a simple fact.

Finally suggest all they have to do is sign on.
You have pointed out that they have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
If you have a contract of sorts move it towards them, and place your pen on the line they need to sign.

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