Why EQ Is Vital!

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Communication is much more than just settling for airing your own point of view.

Your communication skills will be advanced when you decide to become skilful at reading the emotions of the person you are communicating with.

There are so many non-verbal signals to read and understand.
Facial expressions, posture, gestures, tone of voice, and so on are all relevant.

Expertise in reading body language goes a long way towards producing and delivering superior results.

Ignoring someone else’s emotions is a sure-fire way to lose the opportunity to persuade and influence somebody.

Influencing a person requires paying attention to feelings, both your own and those of other people.

When you begin to focus on your own emotions, you will find yourself reciprocating this action towards those people you are in communication with.

This will immediately enhance your communication skills and act as the cornerstone of your communications strategy.
Developing effective communication skills lies at the heart of emotional intelligence.

It is important to realise that your body language is always being noted by other people, at least unconsciously.

There is also the way you use your voice to consider.
The words, tone, pitch, rhythm, volume and timbre are all important to generate effective communication.

Matching and mirroring these qualities will enhance your rapport and gain the trust of others.

A common definition of emotional intelligence goes something like this:
It is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in others and ourselves.

The ability to identify, use, understand and manage emotions is an essential part of all forms of communication.

If you want to possess behavioral flexibility that produces results it is important to improve your communication skills and include the ability to influence others.

So, how to influence is a key question.
Influencing others requires the skill to shift your mood as and when it is required.
This will set you apart from other people.

Understanding your own emotional state, your own mood is required.
How your feelings are influencing your thoughts is also needed.
Having the ability to use these communication skills will help you to get your outcome.

In fact, influencing people requires highly effective communication skills.
Perhaps the best ways to influence people is through an emotional connection.
Well-developed emotional intelligence leads directly to influence and persuasion.
This ability should form part of your communication strategy.
This will allow you to demonstrate natural empathy.

The influence to get a person to accept your communication requires something more than simple logic.

Persuasion techniques should form an essential part of your communication skills and communication strategy.

Assessing how you are feeling and knowing how an emotion may change is useful.
Also understanding why you are feeling this way and the likely cause of your feelings is necessary.
Emotions are tricky things!

Applying emotional intelligence to your communication skills will ensure you produce effective communication when it matters.

As you know, communication excellence is the ability to use logic and emotion together to produce clear and concise information based on feelings.

Emotional intelligence makes a key difference and provides communication skills that ultimately leads to brilliant results.

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