Face Reading PART TWELVE

Ideally, you want a competitive advantage and having these insights can help you to achieve this.

Well, we have two of them but many of us do not exercise them enough!

Yes, you’ve guessed it – let’s talk about the ears.

What do your ears tell you?

Normally, the ears provide information about someone’s courage and ability to accept a challenge.

They inform you about a person’s zest and enthusiasm for life.

Hard of hearing people will tell you just how crucial the ears can be.

If asked “how are you?” and a person replies by looking at their watch and saying “quarter past three”, people think they’ve completely lost the plot! Maybe I have!

So, what should you pay attention to?

I’ll chat about the position, size, shape and the playful ear lobes.

Of course, be mindful that in body language circles, tugging or pulling on the ear lobe suggests someone is uncomfortable with a situation.

It can be seen as a way of blocking out words.

People not telling the truth and anxious people frequently do this.

Let’s begin with the position of the ears.
Where exactly are the ears situated?
The higher up the head the ears are positioned the more connected a person will be to the mental as well as the emotional zone.
The lower the ears are positioned the more connection there will be to the physical zone.

High Set Ears
There is likely to be a predominance of mind energy and mental activity.
Expect this person to be analytical, precise and imaginative.
They will listen but generally stick to their own point of view.

Lower Set Ears
They are realistic and cautious and have the common sense to do the right thing in a difficult situation.
They are more compassionate, understanding and willing to help others.
They have a great physical vitality.

What about the size of the ears?
Large ears suggest wisdom.
This person is likely to be kind, receptive and generous to others.
And they can be a risk taker.
Small ears belong to a person who will want to fit in and please others.
They have a strong tendency to follow the rules.

Large ears can extend into the mental, emotional and physical zones.
They are highly sensory to sounds.
They are anchored to the present, mentally and physically.

Small ears people respond to personal needs.
They tend to trust themselves foremost.
They are not generally a good listener.

What about the shape of the ears?
Here observe the zone where the ears have the greatest development.

Here’s a summary.
Ears that are well developed and wide in the upper face reveal a greater energy devoted to intellectual pursuits.
They are comfortable risk takers.
Ears that are well developed in across the middle section suggest a greater emotional emphasis.
These people are secure in starting and ending relationships.
Ears that are more prominent in the lower part are people with a greater physical courage and bravery.
They are usually stable and secure.

Now what do the ear lobes suggest?
Well, we know they are in the emotional and physical zones of the face.

Here’s a summary.
Large ear lobes can indicate spirituality and emotional sensitivity.
These people have a great understanding of people’s needs.
A person with no ear lobes is likely to be more physically cautious.
They do not take unnecessary risks.
Ear lobes that hang down indicate independence.
Ear lobes that are attached suggest a strong attachment to family and friends.

By the way, ears that are set back towards the back of the head reveal somebody who wants to project themselves out to the external world.
When the ears stick out it can mean you are facing a rebellious nature – they want to create change.
Ears that are flat to the head show a person who will conform to any existing standards.

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