Face Reading PART THREE

Face reading can be used to accelerate and deepen your communication skills.

The combination of body language expertise and face reading insights will strengthen your rapport skills and enable you to achieve this.

Here are the next three common facial structures and what can be learnt from them.

Triangle Shape
Generally, these people are stubborn and resolute.
They often have a strong, quite fiery temperament.
They are ambitious and driven.
However, they often lack patience.
They much prefer to be in control.
If what they want isn’t forthcoming they will internalise their feelings.
They are physically strong, have great energy but are often closed minded.
They can be charming and pleasant when they choose to be.
But they will persist until they get what they want.

Rectangle Shape
These people have high ideals and the determination and strength to stand up for them.
They are determined, thoughtful, steadfast, reliable and self-reliant.
They are born to rise to high positions.
These qualities, particularly of thoughtfulness, optimism, and their strong ideals makes them popular and loved.
They have strength of purpose and people respect them. However, these qualities can affect their ego and pride.

Oval Shape
This face has a roundness and softness in its features.
These people are generally warm, affectionate, outgoing usually with an upbeat personality.
They enjoy the company of others, and tend to think the best of them.
They have inner strength and intuition.
They are nurturing and romantic by nature.
They can be too trusting and people do take advantage of their generous nature.

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