Welcome to Part Thirteen of how to use face reading to gain specific insights into the nature and personality of a person you are communicating with.

It’s got a rather unusual name and it is easy to overlook, but the crease under the nose to the mouth can provide you with an interesting perspective on a person.

Let’s discuss the groove known as the philtrum.

The line of the upper lip is known as Cupid’s bow because of its resemblance to the shape of a bow. As in Robin Hood.

In bygone days, it was thought that the groove had something to do with conception and reproduction. Yes, we are talking about sex and love!

In face reading the philtrum does have a role to play in a person’s ability to see an argument from more than one viewpoint.

As always, behavioural flexibility is a key in getting what you want.

The philtrum is also believed to indicate the life force of a person.

For example, if it is flat, weak and unpronounced, it can be seen as a sign of a reduced life force, and perhaps a lack of personal drive.

In fact, the groove is common to virtually all mammals.

Here’s some interesting characteristics of some of the various types.

Let’s begin with the short philtrum.
In general, the short philtrum individual does not like to be teased even when it is good-natured.
They can be sensitive and a bit touchy.

Short, Well-developed and Spread Out
This is a more cautious person.
They have a common-sense, practical approach to life.
They think through a situation before taking action, usually one step at a time.

Short with a Tight Groove
This person finds it difficult to change when tackling a problem.
They rely on persistence and personal fortitude.
They always rely on their own inner resources to solve life’s challenges.

Long and Tall
This person is flexible and can alter their approach to a problem quickly.
They are decisive.
If something is not working they will change it as soon as they become aware of it.
They do not mind good-natured teasing.
They have a love of practical jokes even when they are the target.
Basically they are good sports.

Wide and Open
This person uses emotional energy to confront challenges.
They want to find a balance in life.
They prefer to use their gut instinct and will seek help.
They also tend to be expressive.

Now Deep, Pronounced and Wide
This person is flexible and will find an alternative way around an obstacle.
They are happy to explore different strategies.
They can dissociate and see the bigger picture.
They can feel disconcerted when a problem arises but quickly find their own equilibrium.
They often possess high energy.

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