Face Reading PART TEN

Welcome to Part Ten of how to use face reading to improve your communication skills.
Every feature of the face has a meaning and relates to the personality and behaviour of a person.
For example, the lips can provide information about the sensual nature of an individual.

Which brings me to the focus of this part – the mouth and lips.
In fact, your mouth, unsurprisingly, represents how well you communicate.
The lips speak, feel, express or suppress thoughts, and emotions.
So, the mouth reveals a person’s taste for life.

By using sensory acuity you will notice that the lower lip size can increase in size when you establish rapport with somebody.
The number of lines increases as blood flows to the lip as you make a strong connection.

Now, what can be considered as the ideal, perfect mouth?
It preferably should be moderate in size, full and well-shaped.
Each lip should be of equal thickness, firm, soft and they should fit nicely together.
What does this reveal?
Generally, a warm, honest, caring, sensitive and open-minded individual.
This person is likely to be a strong character with a sense of purpose.
In general, expect a well-meaning and effective communicator.

Here are the more common examples:
A large mouth belongs to a person who is outgoing, probably an extrovert with a generous, optimistic outlook.
They attract attention and popularity.
They like recognition and to be noticed
They tend to be very talkative and are rarely silent.
They enjoy telling stories.

A small mouth person can be a bit introverted, careful and cautious.
There can also be a lack of confidence.
There is a tendency to be suspicious and somewhat anti-social.
They can avoid spending money.
They can also be extremely perceptive.

Here are some more points:
Thick or Full Lips points to a person who likes to please others.
They are often openly affectionate.
They are physically demonstrative and enjoy showing their feelings.
Oh, and they can have expensive tastes.
This person can be noticeably passionate.
Full lips indicate a sensuous, playful personality though they can be a bit too keen.
They will vocalise their dissatisfaction and frustration.

Thin lips belong to somebody who probably lacks warmth.
They can be unsympathetic and may have an inferiority complex.
And they can be very reserved, a bit lonely, and insensitive.
They are not comfortable with public displays of intimacy.
They avoid sharing their innermost feelings.
In fact they can hide their inner emotions and feelings.
A thin lipped person may be very cautious.

Here are some additional points:
Lips in a straight line indicate a careful and calculating individual.
They have a practical, orderly mind.
This person is not known for revealing their feelings.
They can also be relatively sensitive.

Lips with an even, upward curving line at the corners of the mouth indicate a persuasive, outgoing, and creative person.
They have a happy, smiling disposition.
Expect this person to be sensual and creative.
Curved lips indicate a cordial and optimistic person with a sunny disposition.

The downward curvature of the lips points to discontent in most matters.
You may find it hard to please these types irrespective of what you do or say.

Also note the following points:
In general, it can be said that the upper lip represents the feminine side of a person’s nature and the lower lip the masculine side.
So, the upper lip signifies how sensual a person is and the lower lip shows how much a person needs to be loved.

If the upper lip is considerably thinner than the lower lip, it reveals an inability to reciprocate in a relationship.
Conversely, considerably thinner lower lip indicates an overly giving nature.

The following summary provides a quick insight into someone’s likely personality based on their lips:
Small lips: selfish, stingy, miserly.
Curving down lips: dissatisfied, discontented
Large lips: pleasure seeker, hedonist
Curving up lips: happy, cheerful
Curved lips: changeable
Straight lips: sensitive and self-controlled
Narrow lips: insensitive, unemotional

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