Perhaps one of the least specifically observed features of the face are the eyelashes.

Yet they can provide meaningful clues about a person’s current state and personality type.

In fact, the eyelashes accentuate the way the eyes blink and point to the likely sensitivity of a person.

In this part I would like to show you how and why this often neglected characteristic does provide useful insights.

Welcome to Part Sixteen of how to use face reading to gain a quick and valuable impression of a person you are communicating with.

In Chinese medicine the eyelashes suggest the manner by which energy passes through the body, the way energy flows.

In addition, the blinking rate uncovers information about a person’s nervous system.
So, the way the eyelashes move when a person blinks is an indication of their current emotional state.

Now, an impediment regarding the eyelashes is that they can often be false, so be careful not to jump to conclusions about what you think you see.
Blink first!

Begin by observing and determining some specific characteristics:
Do the eyelashes seem to be false?
How long are the person’s eyelashes?
How frequently does the person blink?
How frequently does the blinking rate change?
What emotional feelings appear to be present when this happens?

You can test a person’s emotional state by staring a little longer – making prolonged eye contact – than you normally would.
Does the person hold your gaze?
Do they seem to be comfortable with the additional eye contact?

Here are some facts to look for when observing the blink rate:
A faster blink rate suggests a heightened awareness and may well indicate a nervous disposition.
In some cases it could denote fear.
A slower blink rate points to a relaxed person.
This is a person who seems to be in control and is probably content.
Watch how the blink rate alters as you discuss matters of more importance, particularly if you engage their emotions.

Of course, if the person you are communicating with stares longer without blinking than YOU normally would be comfortable with, it may well reveal something about them.
For example, they are likely to be more intense.

What about the length of the eyelashes?
Long eyelashes are generally associated with a gentle, more romantic, calm individual.
Short eyelashes suggest a more practical, realistic and logical person.

If a slow blink rate also accompanies short eyelashes you may well be with a person who has strong powers of concentration.
These people have the ability to focus on specific details.

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