You can use face reading as a conduit to gain an immediate and better understanding of the person you are communicating with.

Move slightly away from the face and you can glean some fascinating information to aid your face reading insights.

Yes, I’m referring to the neck.

In this part I would like to show you how and why the neck represents the communication link between the intellect and emotions.

In fact, the neck plays a significant role in the manner by which you express yourself.

It signifies your ability to communicate emotion and thought.

It can be regarded as the centre of how well you communicate.

You can literally see the energy of the body rise up through the neck.

It is the site – almost the meeting point – of your emotions and intellect.

This is held to be true since it is the site where we release emotion.

What should you look for?

Observe the neck and notice the width and length.
Is the neck tall or short?

Compare the width of the neck to the head.
Is it thick or thin?
A thick neck may be wide as the head.
A thin neck may be as wide as the eyes.

A thick neck is often accompanied by a strong, wide jaw.
This signifies a powerful connection between ideas and emotions.
This is likely to be a practical person, more pragmatic and earthy.
A thin neck often belongs to a creative, imaginative and sensitive person.

The type of neck does point to the way a person prefers to communicate.
A taller and thinner neck generally belongs to a person who speaks more quickly.
These people are often more flexible.

Get your ideas, as many as you have, out to them one after the other.
A thicker neck person often has a lower voice with a stronger delivery.
Choose your words carefully with this person.
Be matter of fact and get to the point.

A person with a thicker, shorter neck is often very passionate.
Their ideas, opinions and beliefs are held emotionally.

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