Face Reading PART SEVEN

The focus of this part will be on the eyes.

I will look at certain elements, primarily the size, level and the distance apart.

But first some pertinent information about the eyes.

Those people who are familiar with Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP – will be aware that eye pattern detection is an important part of a practitioner’s skillset.

When people think and talk their eyes move in certain directions.

They “go inside” to access a memory or to bring into consciousness a new thought.

Observing a person’s eye movements provides a useful insight into their thought processes.

Take a look at this graphic: When a person’s eyes go up to their left or right they are processing visually.

When a person’s eyes stay level as their eyes dart to their left or right they are thinking in sounds.

As you look at a person, up to the left is visual create and up to the right is visual remembered.

Horizontally to your left as you look at them is auditory create, to the right auditory remembered.

When a person’s eyes go down to the left as you look at them they are accessing their feelings.

When a person’s eyes go down to the right as you look at them they are listening to their own internal dialogue.

Okay, now back to certain elements of the eyes.

As said, I will look at certain elements, primarily the size, level and the distance apart.

The right eye conforms to left brain functioning and the left eye to right brain functioning.

So, each eye represents a different aspect of someone’s life.

Check to see if one eye is larger than the other, or if one eye is higher or lower than the other.

If the left eye is dominant, this person puts a premium on their personal life.

They are particularly good with relationships.

If the right eye is dominant, you are looking at someone whose self-worth is derived from the external world.

For example, they may put their career first.

Given we have a pair of eyes, I will look at them where possible in pairs.

First of all, large eyes and small eyes.

By large I do not mean protruding eyes, just relatively bigger than normal.

Large Eyes
These people tend to be emotionally expressive.
In fact, almost everything is dealt with from an emotional perspective.
They have a warm enthusiasm and are often extroverted.
You can literally see what is going on in this person’s life.
The eyes reveal it all.

Small Eyes
These people are cautious and less outgoing.
They much prefer to work alone.
They like emotional control and may lack energy.

Next we’ll look at Closed set eye and Wide set eyes.

Close Set Eyes
These people tend to be focused, conscientious and dependable.
They are comfortable with detail work.
They are problem solvers.
However, they can be narrow-minded and often fail to see the bigger picture.
They are also rather critical.

Wide Set Eyes
They signal a broad minded person who can see the whole picture.
They do tend to get easily distracted and don’t like details.
They are tolerant, but can stay in a negative mindset.
They are also prone to taking on too many tasks.

Now for Deep set eyes and Protruding eyes.

Deep Set Eyes
They are private people, with a tendency to be secretive.
They are cautious, watchful and observant.
They are also deep thinkers and evaluate everything.
They are extremely observant and emotionally reflective

Protruding Eyes
These people like to be included in everything that’s going on.
They are not concerned with running the show, but want to be included.
They want to be accepted and appreciated.
They are enthusiastic people and thoroughly enjoy participating.
Life is not a spectator sport to them!

Finally, let’s look at the level of the eyes.

Here we look for eyes that are horizontally Level, eyes that Slant upwards, and eyes that slant down.

Eyes Level
Here we have a balanced view of life.
These people are on the level with a balanced perception of life.
Objectivity is the more likely perspective.
They can see both sides of the picture.

Eyes Slanting Upwards
They are generally optimistic, positive people.
They expect things to turn out for the best.
They can easily get disappointed and discouraged when things do not go their way.
The disappointment is often just a passing mood.
They can look down their nose at others.
They are motivated and risk takers.

Eyes Slanting Downwards
They are kind, loyal, generous, sincere people.
They are extremely capable of solving problems and have the ability to anticipate them in advance.
They do tend to be negative and pessimistic, simply because they see the dark side first.
Remember to look at both eyes and see which eye is pointing more downwards.
This will largely reveal whether the issue at hand is professional or personal.
They are sensitive and caring.

Next time, I will look at the eyebrows.

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