Assume you are in a situation where you want to quickly assess how switched on a person is likely to be and gauge their strengths, when you need to deal with them.
Let’s assume it is a business meeting of some kind.
What can you do?

For a start you know how important it is to get in rapport as quickly as possible.
Yes, of course, but how about those first few fleeting seconds?

Well, the last thing you might think about is to take a glance at someone’s ears while shaking hands.
So, what can the ears tell you in a couple of seconds?

The ears provide a wealth of knowledge about a person and you can extract this key information in a few seconds flat.

There is an enormous amount of detail available through ear scrutiny, and far too much to cover, so here I’ll provide you with a couple of quick tips.

Initially, if you can, focus on the right ear, but taking a cursory look at both ears pays rich dividends, so manoeuvrer yourself accordingly.

Even before you have finished saying “hello, nice to meet with you”, look at one of the ears and divide it into three zones.

The 3 zones of the ear provide you with immediate insights and will give you practical knowledge of how alert and smart they are, and also gives a strong clue about their ability to understand and know what’s going on around them.

Now the top zone represents a person’s intellect, the middle zone shows how well a person communicates, and the lower zone reveals whether a person enjoys physical activity.

Look for which of the three zones is the most prominent.
This is the feature to focus your attention.

A large top zone indicates a talent for both logic and abstract thinking.

You can feel free to engage with them giving your ideas freely and presenting lots of “WHAT-IF” scenarios – they will be happy to respond.

A good communicator will love to talk so ask many questions and us all of your rapport and body language skills.
They will be using theirs.

A physical person is highly likely to enjoy fitness activities, eating well, travel and so on.
Get them on their favourite topics and you will make a superb impression.

The right ear will tell you all there is to know about someone’s personal style with work related matters, and the left with an inclination towards a more emotional style.
Knowing how to engage really well requires accessing both dimensions.

Next consider the length of the ears.
This can reveal how much information a person unconsciously is content to process, so you can adjust how best to communicate.

Go ahead and compare the relative size of their ears as a proportion of the length of their face.

Deduce how many ears you could assemble one at a time vertically going all the way from the forehead to the chin.

5 or 6 is the normal baseline for comparison purposes.
7 or 8 and you have a short ear.
A mere 3 or 4 indicates rather large ears.

If the ear size is standard you will be facing and listening to someone who is generally flexible.

Long ears reveal a person with the ability to absorb vast quantities of information.
These people often have gathered a huge amount of general knowledge.
They will enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate this talent.

Short ear people tend to take the information they receive with a degree of seriousness.
They can be a bit touchy, so be careful.
Do not provide them with too much information at it could lead to overwhelm.

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