Face Reading PART NINE

The focus of this part will be the nose.
Everything follows the nose.
It literally stands out.
It’s the nose that leads the way!
Its size, strength and proportion compared with the rest of the face indicates how a person projects their personality.

Six different shapes are relatively easy to recognise:
Turned Up, Hawk, Greek, Roman, Nubian, and Snub.
I’ll take a look at some famous people with these types later.
However, in fact, I believe 14 variations have been identified across ethnic groups.
Here, I will confine it to the familiar shapes.

So, what can be regarded as a well-balanced nose?
The classic Greek nose comes to mind.
It has a straight bridge, a round fleshy tip, and well-shaped flared nostrils that cannot be seen when viewed from the front.
This nose signifies qualities of honesty, truthfulness and loyalty.
And in all probability an optimistic nature.

Let’s look at some of the more common types and their characteristics.
Remember to compare against the rest of the face.

A Long Nose person is generally a logical rational thinker.
They will consider a number of options before making a decision.
They literally look down their nose at other people.
When the tip points down this person has a tendency to be creative and emotionally nurturing.
They can be sceptical and often want to see the evidence before acting.

A Large Nose with a good base is a competitive person.
They are happy to demonstrate their abilities.
This person wants to make a difference.
They are aspirational and make excellent managers.
Many also prefer to be their own boss.

Now a long narrow nose has some of the long nose strengths, but this person can be insecure.
However, they are often humorous and engaging.

A Short Nose is a person who enjoys a good time.
However, they may not be dependable, nor too responsible.
And they can be sensitive, vulnerable and kind-hearted.
They are content doing routine work.
They rarely exercise their personal power.

A Broad Nose signals a determined, stable and capable person.
They are able to apply concentration to a task.
They have the staying power to see a task through to a successful completion.
Regard the broad nosed person as a purpose driven individual.

A Snub Nose or Ski-Jump Nose individual can be quickly recognised given the nostrils are clearly visible.
The nose is concave when viewed in profile.
They are happy-go-lucky types and this is evident in the manner in which they project their personality.
Generally, they are good fun but can be gullible.
They enjoy helping others and will go to a great deal of trouble if necessary.
They have difficulty asking for money.
They can have difficulty saving money and making ends meet.
The focus is on service not money.

Now let’s take a brief look at the bridge of the nose.
The Straight Bridge Nose indicates a focus on value and service.
If it’s pointed, they like to get to the bottom of things.
They like to probe beneath the surface for details.

The Roman or Convex nose belongs to a person who knows a good deal when they see one.
They are price conscious.
This is a bargain hunter.
Offer them a discount!
They excel at delegating tasks to others.
They want to be in charge.
They are often successful in business.

The Turned Down Nose is a sceptical person.
They will question everything.
Be prepared for cross-examination!
They look for proof.
They will not trust unless the see the evidence.
Give them the facts.

Here are some classic examples of the six types and their corresponding characteristics:

Turned Up Nose – Marilyn Monroe
The turned up nose is regarded as cute.
These people are mostly kind-hearted
They are optimistic and full of character.
They can have an endless enthusiasm for new things and experiences.

Hawk Nose – John Lennon
This person wants to carve their own path and rarely follows the crowd.
They do not seek out the approval of others and are usually fairly rebellious.
They are the least likely to care about what others think of them.
People with this kind of nose are most happy when pursuing their own projects or goals.

Roman Nose – President Abraham Lincoln
This strong, slightly hooked nose is characteristic of leaders.
It signals a strong personality, but not an impulsive one.
People with this type of nose are carefully measured.
They don’t rush into decisions and are very good at influencing others.
Often well-organised, they are good at rallying people to take action.
They are very rarely aggressive.

Nubian Nose – President Barack Obama
This nose is long and wide at the base.
It signals creativity and passion.
These people are always thinking of new ways to approach problems and are instigators of change.
They are open-minded, curious and expressive with their emotions.
As a result they tend to be very charismatic, with people naturally drawn to them.
Sometimes their emotions get the better of them and they flare up, but their natural charm helps them to make amends.

Greek Nose – Admiral Lord Nelson
This nose suggests someone who is inspirational, yet functional, and a skilled organiser.
This is exactly the type of person you want to be around in a crisis.
They don’t panic and start thinking logically about their next move.
They keep their emotions close to their chest and can be hard to fathom.
This is a matter-of-fact and efficient person.

Snub Nose – Muhammad Ali
This nose indicates someone who is quick-witted – both physically and mentally.
They think fast.
They tend to be more streetwise than your average person.
They also react quickly to situations but sometimes can react too quickly, which may lead to aggression.

The tip of the nose also provides useful information.
If the tip is soft and fleshy, it reveals a sensitive person.
They are considerate, warm and gentle.
They like to know what is going on.
If the tip is pointed, here we have a person who likes to make their point quickly.
This person can be rather nosy!
A groove in the tip indicates an indecisive person.
They can be dissatisfied with the work they do.

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