Welcome to Part Fourteen of how to use face reading to gain an overall and speedy impression of a person you are communicating with.

Given the muscles in the face move in a habitual fashion, the lines on the face get formed progressively overtime.

These lines help to identify the unique characteristics of someone’s personality.

Of course, lines and wrinkles are also a sign of aging and can signal experience and, hopefully, the probable wisdom of an individual.

These life lines develop principally on the forehead, between the eyebrows, at the corner of the eyes and on the cheeks.

What do they indicate?

Let’s begin with the forehead.
These lines are caused by constant raising of the eyebrows.
A forehead without lines may indicate a shallow person.
An over-abundance of lines – four or greater may point to an overload of inspiration.

The line or lines that appear between the eyebrows point to the style of concentration of an individual.
They are created by pulling together the muscles of the eye and brow.
Each line tells you its own story.

Other distinguishing lines can be readily observed.
An interesting feature is known as the Crow’s feet.
These lines form at the outer corner of the eyes.

Lines that curve upwards reveal a playful person with a positive and happy outlook on life.
They have a sunny disposition with a strong mental focus.
They can be high achievers and even enjoy a bit of flirting.

Lines that curve downwards have diametrically opposite characteristics.
These people can feel somewhat challenged and their reactions to life point to ongoing difficulties.

Criss-Crossing lines, as its name suggests, shows a person at cross-purposes in life.
There could well be conflict, confusion and frustration present.

Another line of interest is the laughter lines.
I like to call them the cheeky lines!
These lines are, happily enough, the result of smiling!
Deeper lines suggest a good sense of humour and an ability to see the funny side of life.
Funnily enough, some people would like to cosmetically remove theirs! Strange days, indeed!

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