Face Reading PART FOUR

By observing what is right in front of you, staring you in the face, it is possible to quickly pick up specific attributes of a person to help you to understand what essentially makes them tick.

This will enable you to communicate in an intuitive, perceptive and intelligent way. The result? You will light up their neural networks.

To truly influence someone it is essential to communicate with them in a unique way.

The combination of body language expertise and face reading insights will strengthen your rapport skills and enable you to achieve this.

Here are the final three common facial structures and what can be learnt from them. Note that they a composite of other structures.

Narrow Forehead with Wide Jaw
This shape is recognised by the wide, tight jaw and a high narrow forehead.
They are determined, introverted and intuitive types.
These people can be emotionally suppressed and have a sense of loneliness.
They like to be alone with their thoughts, and lack the warmth to be with others.
They are instinctively careful and cautious.
They are often quite shy.
They do enjoy pondering deep interesting and original problems.

Square Head with Oval Chin
These people are very strong minded, compassionate and flexible.
They have an understanding, emotional and sensitive nature.
They can be very successful in business and with money.
They are seen as a people’s person.
They generally make good counsellors and are adept at negotiating.
They are self-aware, energetic and versatile.

Round Forehead Tapering to a Pointed Chin
These people have high aspirations and are mentally creative.
They are open-minded, but often quite sensitive.
They possess a loving, caring nature, but can get upset when not understood by others.
They can have difficulty dealing with emotional issues — they much prefer reason.
They do not find it easy to articulate their feelings.
Because they are highly aspirational they may need grounding from time to time.

That completes the final common basic face structures.

In the next part I will begin to look at the more prominent features of the face.

Remember to continue observing the three parts of the face: the Mental, Emotional and Physical aspects and compare the percentages present against each other.

Also notice the more prominent features of the face.

In the meantime, keep in mind you have many faces so let’s put them to use. Let’s begin to take note of the shape of a person’s face.

Never forget that the face says: “This is who I am!”

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