Face Reading PART ELEVEN

Welcome to Part Eleven of how to use face reading to increase your ability to understand people and enhance your communication skills.

In a business context, this will give you the much sought after competitive edge.

What does the chin reveal? In normal circumstances, the chin tells you about someone’s WILL to get what they want, and the determination to stand up for what they believe in.

It can be said that the chin can be classified into some specific, discrete categories.
Pointed, Wide, Broad, Narrow, Receding, and Cleft spring to mind.
And more specifically, you can have broad pointed, narrow pointed and so on.
Here, we will stick to the more common types of chin that you can readily observe in everyday life.

Let’s begin with the wide chin or broad chin.
This is a strong, stable character.
You will find a practical, functional and matter-of-fact person.
They can be confrontational and able to assert their will if challenged.

Here are some further points.
This person does not give way easily.
They will fight their corner and remain steadfast.
They have a noticeably physical vitality.

The next chin is the pointed chin.
This belongs to a sensitive person.
Mind you, they can get upset almost at the drop of a hat.

Here’s some more information about the pointed chin.
They can have difficulty keeping it together and staying grounded.
They can be indirect in communicating what they really want.
They can express themselves strongly.

Now the chin that juts forward and out.
This chin belongs to a person with a strong sense of determination.
This indicates the person is prepared to stick their neck out to get what they want.
Given this tendency and drive it is possible for disappointment to occur, particularly when a person lacks flexibility.

Here’s a summary and more characteristics.
They can have a strong will.
They are comfortable imposing their will on to others.
They generally do not engage in conflict.

Contrast the jutting chin to a weak, receding chin.
You can recognize this chin because it slopes back from the base of the nose.
This person is likely to give way when challenged.
They lack the will to speak up for themselves in certain situations.

Here’s a few more points about the receding chin.
They may give in to other people’s demands.
However, they often compensate for this by using personal charm.
They often have superior social skills.

People do ask about the dimple and cleft chin.
Generally, it can be noted that a person with a dimple in their chin tends to crave attention.
These people can be rather emotional.
The cleft chin has a dimple that is clearly more prominent.

Here’s some additional information about the cleft chin.
Here we have a person with an even stronger desire for attention.
They often have a strong will.
They can be very demanding.
Again, they can be easily hurt when things do not go their way, particularly during a relationship.
They need to be loved!

What should the ideal chin look like?
It should preferably be broad, deep and full.
These characteristics represent physical strength and emotional warmth.

Observe the chin carefully and watch how it moves when a person speaks.

Notice if various topics affect the way their chin is used.

Keep in mind you have many faces so let’s put them to use.

Begin to pay attention to the chin and you will know understand how grounded and determined a person is likely to be.

Be mindful: The face says: “This is who I am!”

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