Imagine the advantage you would enjoy when you are dealing with a person, particularly for the first time and in a business or professional context, to be able to quickly make an assessment of how best to deal with them.

I call this the magic minute, although it’s more like a 5 second grab, because it gives me an immediate insight into how open and sensitive a person is likely to be.

I can then quickly gauge how to relate and communicate effectively with them.

You want to be able to read people accurately so you can adjust your communication, establish instant rapport, and gain their trust really quickly.

So, what information should you look for?

Well, given we are talking about the degree of sensitivity; ideally, you want to know whether a person is over-sensitive, or even hyper-sensitive.

Oh, and bear in mind that sensitive people are often creative and artistic.

First of all, look at their eyes and notice the whites surrounding the iris.

If you see three white areas rather than the normal two – the ones on either side of the iris, this points to a high degree of sensitivity.

These people are so in touch with their environment, and perfectly well aware of what is going on around them.

Next take note of their hairline assuming it is visible. Resist the temptation to lean over and lift their hair up!

If you observe a clear “M” shape hairline they will be prone to taking offence if you do not deal with them in an appropriate, empathetic, responsible way even if they don’t show it.

With these people, show care when you pitch your thoughts, products, services and requests.

Be particularly aware of a face that reveals eyebrows that almost seemed to be joined through extra hair.

This can be true even if the eyebrows do not fully join, but there is noticeable hair between the eyebrows.

This person tends to find it difficult to separate their intellectual and emotional response to a situation – the mind and perception in opposition.

Finally, take note of how flexible their eyebrows are when they speak.

If they are moved more frequently than most other people this is likely to be a clear indication of a sensitive nature.

Make sure you match their emotions.

By observing what a person is saying without them uttering a single word, and to be able to do so in an instant offers you a tremendous advantage, so use it wisely.

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