Face Reading PART EIGHT

The focus of this part will be the eyebrows.

Now your eyebrows play a significant role in revealing how you feel.

For example, raised eyebrows can show surprise, fear, submission or a request for approval.

Lowered eyebrows reveal emotions such as contempt, disgust, dominance, aggression and anger.

The eyebrows come together when a person is concentrating or a bit puzzled.

Lift both eyebrows quickly as you look at somebody and you’re likely to receive a greeting in return even if you don’t know them.

So, the eyebrows are very active in the way you communicate.

A person’s point of view is expressed through their eyebrows.

Let’s look at a few of the common types and what they are likely to indicate.

Note that there can be a difference between the left and right eyebrows as discussed previously with the eyes.

As a benchmark to compare against, balanced eyebrows are decently spaced apart and gradually arch above each eye.
The thickest growth is at the beginning and thins towards the edge.
Both eyebrows are the same.
Everything is routine and perfectly normal.
Generally, this signifies a well-balanced person.

Low-set eyebrows show a person with a strong mind.
They tend to suppress and control their emotions.
They can also have a restricted point of view.
This person has a fast, agile mind.
They have a prudent and calculating nature.
Can have an insecure mind.

Very high eyebrows reveal an impetuous, impulsive attitude.
However, they can be a little too trusting and too open-minded.
Here we have an observant, selective and discriminating nature.
They often adopt a wait and see approach.

Eyebrows that slope up from the middle tend to reveal a person with a sizeable ego.
They can lack warmth and the understanding of other people.
They keep a tight control over their own feelings.
They seek control and authority.
>They enjoy a higher status.

Eyebrows that curve downwards at the outer edges are shy, reserved people.
Generally they are gentle and softly spoken.
They may also be emotionally suppressed.
Tend to keep their feelings to themselves.
May lack confidence.
They appear outwardly gentle.

Boomerang-shaped eyebrows indicate independence and a strong will.
This person likes to get their own way.
Determined, ambitious and strong-willed.
They go for what they want.

Straight eyebrows show a practical, possibly unimaginative person.
They are down to earth and quite difficult to change.
This is a logical thinker.
They will weigh up the possibilities carefully before choosing.
They evaluate rationally.

Thick bushy eyebrows reveal a passionate person.
They are enthusiastic but can be aggressive.
Mentally alert and active.
This is a person of ideas.
They have a strong personality.
Can be intense, dominant and forceful.

Thin eyebrows indicate a lack of energy and direction of purpose.
These people can be demanding.
Overly sensitive.
They have a careful, cautious nature.
Expect them to be indecisive.
Can lack confidence.

Eyebrow hair that grows upwards shows an enthusiastic person.
They are passionate, resolute and have a restless energy.
They seek and enjoy a challenge.
They can get bored easily given their energy.

Eyebrow hair that grows downward shows a lack of energy.
This person may not be motivated.
They may well be stressed and perhaps overworked.
Have a lack of vitality.
Can be emotionally suppressed.

Joined eyebrows show a competitive nature.
They are often high achievers.
This is a non-stop thinker.
Has an intense personality.
They can also be possessive though they are kind-hearted.
The eyebrows and eyes together provide powerful insights into someone’s personality.

Look at the eyebrows this way:

The eyebrows separate the emotions – the eyes from the mind – the brow.
Next time, I will look at the nose. Thanks for your time.

Keep in mind you have many faces so let’s put them to use.

Watch those eyebrows raise and lower and be ready! Be mindful:

The face says: “This is who I am!”

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