Face Reading PART TWO

Face reading can add to your arsenal when you wish to understand what essentially makes a person tick.

The intention is to gather game-changing information that is, well, staring you in the face.

The task is to convert unconscious signals into conscious knowledge to help you to “get” a person at a deeper level which will mean you will be able to communicate with them in a perceptive and enhanced way, in a unique way in fact.

Effective communication – your communication skills, will be hugely advanced by a combination of body language expertise and face reading insights.

This will transform your ability to understand and influence other people.

Let’s begin by looking at three of the most common facial structures.

Circle Shape

Generally, this person has a happy, easy going, gentle, nurturing disposition.
They are often warm, affectionate and friendly people.
And they tend to be generous.
However, they can be demanding and manipulative.
They get bored easily, are prone to laziness, and have a fickle nature.
They can also be emotionally sensitive and need plenty of encouragement.

Square Shape

These types usually have high energy, enormous vitality, but can be aggressive.
They are practical and well-grounded.
Doers rather than thinkers, springs to mind.
They are quick off the mark and tend to shoot first and ask questions later.
If wronged, they don’t bear grudges, they soon forgive and forget.
They noticeably enjoy the company of the opposite sex.
They are happy when surrounded by their loved ones, and do not enjoy being alone.
Deep down they can have a sensitive nature, and be melancholic.

Upside Down Triangle

These people are intelligent, quick and open-minded, good organisers, and persuasive with high nervous energy.
Knowledge, status and power are crucial to them.
They are adept and highly skilled with influence and persuasive techniques.
So, they are excellent communicators and debate well.
They actually seem to argue quite a lot.
They possess a sharp wit and a quicker tongue.
In general, they are engaging and highly sociable.
Ambitious to a fault, they can worry and over-think situations.
They enjoy meeting people, but few people get emotionally close to them.

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