Body Language PART THREE

In the previous part I stressed the importance of making an excellent first impression.

In this part I’ll complete the discussion and then move on and show you how to project a positive, pleasing, warm and vibrant personality that gets results.

Now I’ve stated that you make eleven decisions about a person in the first seven seconds of making contact.

So, nonverbal communication plays a massive role in the overall impression you give about yourself when you first make contact with someone.

If the first impression you give is negative, you’re in trouble.
If the first impression you give is neutral, you still have work to do.

Once these first few seconds have elapsed and assuming you are still in the game, the new brain, the neo cortex, will step in and attempt to make an evaluation of you according to certain criteria.

You have no more than 5 minutes to capitalise on an immediate reaction, the immediate response to you, and sometimes only as little 2 to 3 minutes.

So, what is the brain computing, what exactly is it doing during this critical first few minutes?

Well, it’s working furiously in the background on a number of variables.

It is making observations, assessing feelings, and making connections about you, both consciously and unconsciously.

You can swiftly accelerate your acceptability by adopting the right body language.

This is where nonverbal communication can be a payoff for you, but it needs to be done with precision.

For example, your smile, is it genuine?
Your handshake, is it natural, limp or forced?
How close do you stand, your proximity, is it ideal, invasive or evasive?
What does their nose pick up, your personal hygiene, is it nice or not so nice?
How do you stand, do you stand tall or are you slouching?
Eye contact, is it maintained or avoided?

All this information is immediately picked up and is constantly being sifted, analysed, gleaned, assembled and concluded.

In essence you match and mirror a person for their credibility, suitability and likeability.
And remember, you’ve got no more than a few minutes to get this right.

Do you have things in common?
Is this person like you?
Are they on the same wavelength?

Open and engaging body language, your nonverbal communication, will help you to accomplish this.

If you project an engaging, confident and friendly manner, it will be a big step towards getting the kind of response that you want.

It is essential to project a natural and genuine confidence because a person will intuitively detect whether it is manufactured or fake.

It is really important to have the right mindset to do this properly.
Other information on my website can help you with this if you feel it is needed.

Let’s look at further attributes, other characteristics, that will help you to make the very best first impression.

Send this out into the external world and you’ll always be warmly welcomed.

Assume the right social status – it generates acceptance
Walk with purpose – look comfortable
Smile often – make sure it is genuine
Have a professional handshake – be natural
Stand up straight – excellent posture is important
Watch your personal space – don’t invade or evade
Maintain good posture – never slouch
Keep your feet pointed to the person – you want to be there
Keep your arms by your side – use your body with purpose

For your communication to fully succeed, these signals need to be understood, used and controlled.

It’s imperative that you communicate in the most positive and effective way.

Only send those signals that you intend to send, those messages that are meaningful to your purpose. These messages directed properly make the key difference.

Remember, you have many faces, so let’s put them to use and establish rapport in a much more powerful way by focusing very carefully on our nonverbal communication.

This is the way to make the best first impression and make it count.
Watch your results change when you do so.

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