Body Language PART SIX

In the previous part I mentioned the ONE big secret that will allow you to make a fantastic impression on a person just about every single time.

In this part I’ll continue to discuss the ONE big step you need to take to get outstanding results.

So, welcome to Part Six of How to use nonverbal communication, your body language, to get the kind of results that will make you drool!

The secret step you need to take is to match and exploit voice tonality.

Your tonality and physiology truly dominate your ability to communicate effectively.

Story telling skills and metaphor are key ingredients of the big step.

Modulating the voice will impact the way a person feels.

Feelings control the decision-making process.

Story telling can be made so much more compelling by adding excitement and drama to the story by sounding particular words according to their literal meaning.

Certain words sound so much better and authentic when they are sprinkled with a touch of verbal magic.

The challenge is to add colour to your language to make you stand out from the crowd, and be a person of influence.

Here’s a few exercises you can attempt to get the emotional ball rolling with momentum.


Look at this list of words and speak the words out loud using as much enthusiasm as you can muster.

A golden rule: When you think you are way over the top you are about half way there!

So let go of any inhibitions and get right into it.

“Enormous, huge, powerful, tiny, move, amazing, wonderful, barely, wow and beautiful”


String the words in the previous exercise together to form an enticing message.

Write some simple sentences using some of the words listed.

Feel free to add some of your own.

Then speak the sentences out loud. Again, be bold!


“I was at the beach and saw an amazing sight!
It was an enormous whale close to the shore.
Wow! So huge and powerful, it made me feel tiny by comparison!
I was so excited I could barely move!
What a beautiful way to start the day!
Isn’t Mother Nature so wonderful!”

Some words are so special and powerful they can be regarded as semantically packed.

They carry a certain intensity.

You will know several words like this.

Look at this list and string some of the words together to form an interesting message.

Again, feel free to add your own.

Then speak the sentences out loud.

“Powerfully, intensity, totally, absolutely, resourceful, capturing, defines, logical, emotional, opportunity”

“I know you want to make a powerful impression and that you would absolutely love the opportunity to show how totally resourceful you are.”

Here’s a few simple words that can make your sentences much more appealing and influential when you combine them.

Have a go and make up sentences using these words.

“Because, and, which means, every time, when”

Example: Power Words
“Because you are determined to improve your skills, every time you learn a new pattern you will be in a position to put it into practice when the opportunity arises, which means you will become highly competent and supremely confident in your ability to help others.”

Finally, string any of the words in the previous exercises together.

And add some semantically packed words of your own.

Then practice saying them out loud until you feel you have succeeded.
Then take a deep breath and double it!

Remember whatever your natural tonality may be, you can refine and improve it.
Simply tune in to your own tonality and go ahead and improve its effect.

The effort will pay off handsomely.

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