Body Language PART ELEVEN

Whether they are aware of it or not, a person’s real intentions are revealed unconsciously through a secret code called body language.

You may unwittingly be sending specific signals to other people that you would prefer to keep to yourself.

Your body has given you away.

This language is used by all of us though few people pay conscious attention to it.

How can you benefit from this unconscious habit in yourself and others?

Body language signals go way beyond the spoken word.
Now the way you communicate is driven by your two minds, the conscious and unconscious.

These two minds play completely different roles in the process.

As you know, the conscious mind is focused on decoding the spoken words in a conversation as it attempts to make rational sense of what is being said.

This is a thinking process that occurs at lightning speed.
Most of the time we talk and listen, and at the same time as we listen we prepare a response.

Now the words spoken may not at all times reveal the truth or intent behind what has been said.
Words do not always represent a person’s true meaning.
Misinterpretation, misunderstanding and, unfortunately manipulation may be occurring.

The unconscious or subconscious mind does most of the heavy lifting in so many areas of your life. Its influence is unknowingly present and even dominant in every conversation.
If properly understood it will reveal what is actually taking place.

It is by far the most honest and reliable source of communication.

Here let’s focus on the nonverbal behaviour the torso indicates.
Whenever you face any form of threat your limbic system sends a signal to your body for you to quickly move out of danger.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a feather coming your way or a tank, once you catch it in your peripheral vision, you will instinctively move to one side.

So, when your torso moves away it’s because your brain has unceremoniously demanded it.
How does this affect your body language?
You lean away from people who make you uncomfortable.

If you dislike somebody the physical proximity between you will expand, even a few centimetres.
Just this very slight movement will automatically demonstrate to the other people that you do not feel comfortable with them.

You see this in relationships where couples are having problems.
The brain says: “I can’t handle this” and they pull apart physically.

The best way to overcome this is to always face a person front on on using your eyes, mouth, shoulders, chest, legs and feet.
By the way, it is this area that the limbic system attempts to protect.

Lean forwards including your shoulders when you are with people you want to be in rapport with.
Notice that people move their bodies slightly further away when they disagree.
Don’t do this.

So, lean towards the person and do not close your arms.
If you are a male make sure your jacket is unbuttoned.
If you are a female carry objects down by your side and not in front of you.

Also do not play with your watch, charm or bracelet!
This is can be seen as a form of insecurity.

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