Imagine the results you would enjoy if you had the skill to effortlessly develop binding connections with people quickly and easily every time.

You know, the power of touch can be exploited to influence people to invite you inside their inner circle.

I’d like to show you a non-intrusive way to do this so you can reap the benefits.

Welcome to Part Eight of How to use nonverbal communication, your body language, to make a great impression.

In essence, it’s about stepping in and quickly stepping out while you progressively test the way a person is responding to your presence.

Done precisely with skill and elegance, the other person will respond unconsciously by moving closer to you.

This indicates you are well and truly entering their comfort zone.
You are now accepted.

So, your right to belong is communicated through space and touch.

In this part I will focus on where, when and how to use touch.

It is an essential part of psychological health, but it must be used, particularly initially, with care and executed wisely.

In a nutshell, establishing harmony through deeper rapport is the way.

The spectrum of touch is wide and covers the handshake, where you step in and then step out, and the pat, before journeying on to the full embrace and the big bear hug.

In other words, how touch can be used to build and strengthen rapport.

So, the BIG question:

When to touch?

Here are the advantageous times when the power of touch can make a vibrant, positive difference:

Touch people when you’re discussing the benefits of what you have to offer.
This is almost like a nod and a wink – you’re suggesting they are special and are now in on a terrific deal, a deal that isn’t available to others.

Touch people when you are precisely at the point you want them to react positively.
You’ve carefully built the virtues of doing business with you and you’ve come to the biggest benefit of your offer.
Nod your head slowly as you do this.

Touch people almost by accident.
This can begin to establish a bond between you.
If done casually it simply appears to suggest you genuinely like the person.

Touch people as a thank you and enjoy watching them smile!
This makes you appear charming and, of course, you are, aren’t you?

Touch people when it’s getting a little desperate or where you haven’t yet persuaded them to fully accept your offer and they appear to be getting a little agitated.
“You can trust me”, is your message.
Do this well and they might stick around to give you a second chance.
Go back a few steps and rebuild rapport.

Caution – never touch a person if they clearly do not believe you.
This will confirm any suspicion they may already have assumed.
Again, go back a few steps and rebuild rapport.

Keep in mind you have many faces, let’s put them to use and know how, where and when to use touch to make a more powerful connection and to move gently into a position of influence.