#25 Empower Yourself Through Personal Development

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by Mike Lally

So, how do you change your life?
How do you get better results?
Success in any area of your life largely depends upon how well you communicate.

Your communication skills will mark the difference between average success and overwhelming success.

One thing is perfectly clear: How well you communicate internally – how you talk to yourself, is more than important than all forms of external communication you make.
To get the results you want your self-talk may need an overhaul.

In order to achieve anything it is vital you question yourself about what you want.
This is a big question.

There can be no other clear pathway to getting your goals than to focus on what you want.
However, most people fall into the trap of focusing on what they don’t want.

The power of focus should not be underestimated.
At any moment you can choose your focus, and it is important to be in charge of your focus, because it is this that produces your results.

Your perception of a given situation sets off a matching behaviour.
So, why not choose to stop being dictated to by your perceptions?
This can be achieved by discarding old patterns and finding better ones.

By repetition you can create new patterns, new internal representations, and begin to get the results you want.

You can begin to do this by thinking what old patterns should be discarded and then decide to start to change those internal representations.

How do others see you?
What thoughts are going on inside your head?
If you focus on what you want you can start to determine the best way to achieve your goals.

The moment you decide you are dissatisfied with what you currently have you are on a different journey.
You need to explore what is really important to you.
And give yourself time to think.

It is much better to focus on what you want simply because whatever you focus on is liable to increase.
Use this thinking to change your life.
How you present things to yourself makes an enormous difference to your results, so focus on what you want because what you focus on will increase over time.

Consciously thinking about what you want is the critical first step towards creating a feeling within yourself that will help you to take the necessary action to make a plan and then go out and get your goal.

When you consciously take heart and make key decisions in your personal development and when you know you are willing to follow through on these decisions, it produces a feeling of exhilaration!

If repeated several times you will soon develop a habit of thinking positively and taking rewarding actions. You will feel courageous and have a sense of becoming unstoppable.

How wonderful would that be?
This gift can be yours with some fine-tuning around your personal development.

Of course, it is all very well being aware of this, after all, it is easy to accept that thinking positively is helpful, but how do you commit to it?

Perhaps there is no easy solution, but it is clear you must take 100% responsibility for the actions you take in the significant areas of your life.

This includes your career, your relationships, your finances, your health, your emotions, your beliefs, your habits, and your personal development.

Often this means taking an unemotional, objective look at yourself, consciously deciding what kind of person you want to be.

How do you really feel on the inside?
Once you understand yourself objectively you can go ahead and take the actions that are congruent with this thinking.
Without this sense of congruence it is highly likely you will find a way to self-sabotage.
It’s always easy to give up, isn’t it?

Having perfect alignment between your conscious endeavors, and your emotional and unconscious self, leads to extraordinary results.

Once you have that sense of internal balance, properly matched with whatever external actions that are needed, it becomes far easier to get the results you want.
Everything falls into pace and your internal system works in harmony.

When thoughts, feelings, actions, and capabilities are working together seamlessly, you can go ahead and create the future you want for yourself. This is true empowerment.

Most of us have good intentions, though we are easily put off by the belief that getting consistent results through altering how we think, feel and behave requires work, hard work.

However, much of this does not need to be too onerous.
It begins with the way you think about yourself.


How do you transform your life?
How do you get better results?
Success in any area of your life largely depends upon how well you communicate.
If you want superior results it pays to pay attention to your self-talk.

The manner in which you communicate internally marks the key difference to the belief that you can get what you want.
To make this happen your self-talk may need an overhaul.
Everything begins with the way you think about yourself.

Good habits, once developed, can bring enormous reward once they are set in place.
Habits are formed relatively quickly.
Spend a few moments to decide what you should give up.
If something is not working, junk it!
Then decide what you want.
Why not give it a go?

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