#23 How To Use Your Most Powerful Weapon

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by Mike Lally

We live in an age where uncertainty seems to know no bounds.
Life has become unpredictable.
We face seemingly endless and complex decisions.

Serious implications can result if we or others acting on our behalf make mistakes. Unfortunately being human, carelessness and defective judgment rarely strays off the radar.

We face issues and challenges as diverse as financial market turmoil, terrorism, unemployment, global warming, mental illness, nuclear accidents, family disturbance, and on and on it goes.

You may recognise a sense of unease when reading such a list.
And it’s just a small list, isn’t it?
This takes its toll on our sense of well-being.
Survival has become the name of the game.

If survival of the fittest is adaptability, what physical, mental, spiritual, psychological, financial, and emotional state are you currently in?

If you find yourself seeing, hearing and feeling negatively most days, is it any wonder?
Now consider this:
Is there a solution to all of this internal and external disorder, chaos and self-doubt?

Well, yes! Let’s bury any doom and gloom because one solution may be right at your fingertips.

Why not rely on one of your oldest and most powerful weapons:
Your intuition.
You’ve got it, so why not get a whole lot better at using it?

In fact, intuition is not particularly well understood.
It is often depicted as a form of “hunch” – a sort of stroke of undiluted inspiration.

It is regularly exploited in television drama programs such as House and in the movies.
Test your own experiences and ask yourself:
Have you ever found yourself drawn to something for no apparent reason yet discovered that it leads to a surprising and extraordinary experience?

If so, you can thank your intuition.
My advice? Follow your intuition because it will mean the difference that makes the difference – the fine distinction that lies at the heart of success or failure.
And it will keep you safe, prosperous and happy.

It can be argued that the modern lifestyle leaves little room for intuition.
Don’t know what to do?
Switch on the television.
Don’t know what to eat?
Take a stroll to the supermarket.
Feeling a bit sad?
Take a happy pill.
Having a bad day?
Phew! Thank God it’s Friday.
That will do, you know the rest.

Today our lives are so busy and confused that many of us are experiencing a form of spiritual burn out. A useful approach to all the negativity circling around us is to simply shut it out.

Assess what you find yourself routinely thinking and how it is making you feel.
Decide to eliminate negative thoughts from your mind.
Close down the needless and unhelpful internal dialogue that can ensnare and lure you into believing something is almost certain to go wrong.

How to do this may seem a little obscure, but it is a worthwhile exercise.

Begin by making an effort to identify and understand the metaphor you have come to accept that reflects how you feel about your life.

But first, what do I mean by metaphor?
As you know, metaphors are stories and stories have emotional impact.
We discovered this as children.
Importantly, metaphor is the native language of the subconscious or unconscious mind.
Ignore the notion that metaphor is used to merely embellish language.
The facts are that we actually think in metaphor.

You may not be aware of it, but the metaphors you use in your thinking emerge when you speak. Some of these words are anchors and form a gateway to the unconscious mind, where the real power of an individual lies.

If you want real change in your life you must build a relationship with your unconscious mind.
Do you feel blocked?
Well, unblock yourself.
Do you feel stagnant?
Get moving.
Do you feel left behind?
Decide to get ahead.
Feel confused?
Get focused.
Too many barriers in front of you?
Just breakthrough.
Don’t know how? Ah!


Your intuition is the key.
So, what is intuition?
Well, “in” means inside and “tuition” indicates learning.

So, dig a little deeper and begin to really know yourself, and what you are capable of doing and being.

What language do you use when you describe yourself?
Change it if you need to.
Dig and uproot the depth of your qualities, your strengths, your attributes.
Rather considerable, when you stand back a little, aren’t they?
Start to use positive language when you think of who you really are and meant to be.
This is your true identity – your self-worth.

Your identity, beliefs and values, capabilities, can translate into the perfect behaviour for any challenging environment where you may find yourself.

Realise that you are capable of just about anything once you throw off the shackles of self-doubt.

Allow your intuition to guide you.
Make this a part of your daily routine.
Surprise yourself!
Why not change, transform and transcend?

To make a personal breakthrough in any area of your life begin the process by placing your trust in your intuition.

Next time I’ll give you some tips on how to effortlessly make this happen.

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