Relationship Issues

Are you currently unhappy with a relationship?
Are you searching in vain for the right partner?
Have you experienced periods of feeling unloved?
Do you feel unappreciated?
Do you feel lonely, trapped, or isolated?
Do you believe your partner does not understand you?
Are your relationships with work colleagues as good as they could be?

Are you at the stage when counselling would be useful whether for marriage counselling or couples counselling?

Other relationship problems could include issues as disparate as experiencing distress with children.

“Relationship” issues can be tough to resolve on your own.
Relationship advice from well-meaning friends is often nice to receive but rarely solves the problem.

Counselling can help.
“Counselling” can create an atmosphere where the “best” solutions can be identifed.
This is true for marriage counselling, couples counselling, or when counselling is required for other issues, such as at work.

Are generally dissatisfied with your relationships?

Perhaps there may have been periods in your relationship that involved physical or emotional abuse. With all of these issues Know Your Mind can help you.

If in your relationships you want to:

  • enjoy the experience of being truly involved
  • develop and maintain a satisfying relationship
  • develop real satisfaction in all areas of your daily life
  • experience true love
  • be much more confident
  • communicate more effectively what you need
  • enjoy freedom and happiness
  • find the right partner for you

Relationship Counselling

We use advanced therapeutic techniques from NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy and Belief Change Solutions to help couples relate better.
We will be delighted to meet your individual needs.

Many families come to us for help.
Sometimes it’s just a matter of improving the lines of communication.

Please take the first step towards a more fulfilling relationship.
You will be surprised how possible it is to overcome problems that may have seemed insurmountable.

Whatever you are looking for in your relationships, we are committed to providing you or your family with the very best personal and professional advice and skills you need right now.

We offer phone coaching as an alternative, practical solution if you prefer this approach.

However, one-on-one in person coaching for all areas of coaching and personal assistance is preferred and is always available and recommended.

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