Above all, what is inspiration?

We have all experienced a lack of motivation when we just knew we had to get something done, but simply couldn’t rouse ourselves to act.

It may have a mild case of procrastination, or a severe problem such as the fear of failure.

Some mornings we seem able to leap out of bed to greet the day.

The bigger the challenge the more motivated we seem to feel.
We perform because we are “inspired” to act.
On other mornings the reverse feelings are frustratingly experienced.

To overcome a lack of energy or purpose why not begin the day with the exercises outlined in Get Going?

Have you ever experienced feeling particularly awful and then for some unaccountable reason your spirits just seemed to lift?
Suddenly you feel inspired and you are completely astonished how it happened!

Rather a peculiar lot, aren’t we?

Sometimes we just feel stuck and unable to find the resolve to get something done.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a door with the title “Be Inspired” that we could walk through to make things happen.

Imagine being able to easily move out of the gloom and into the sunlight!
NLP is such a door and can help you to radically shift state when you need it most.

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