Limiting Beliefs

What do you believe is the preferred emotional state for personal productivity?

I think most of us would agree that optimism would be a better bet than pessimism, particularly when you want to produce results.

And we all want to produce results, don’t we?

Limiting beliefs and lack of confidence can restrict your ability to succeed.

What you believe affects your confidence and it is highly likely a person will hamstring their efforts if they constantly think negatively.

The goal should be simple:

Have a method of managing your “emotions” so you can leverage your physical and mental resources in the most optimum way to get the resuts you want.

All limiting beliefs are preceded by a limiting decision we make about ourselves usually during a significant emotional event when we were quite young or in a highly stressful situation.
We then make emotional assumptions about ourselves.
These decisions limit our behaviour.

Examples are:  “I can’t do this” or “I can’t have that” which in hindsight may or may not be true. These limiting decisions get locked into our minds and continue to cause problems with our emotions and self-belief throughout our lives.

However, once negative emotion are released, you can let go of the limiting decision, and free yourself from the past belief.

Once free of the past you are then able to become more successful in the present and create the future the way you want it to be.
This makes goal setting far easier.

With the tools of NLP, hypnosis, emotional intelligence and time line therapy™ we have such a way to resolve these unfortunate events from a person’s past.

There’s no point in holding on to the kind of behaviour that inhibits performance and produces poor results.

Obviously, the elimination of a negative emotion will cause a shift in behaviour and free a person to pursue their dreams.

The Effect of Negative Emotional States

What is the point in holding on to past memories that have damaged your sense of well-being and continue to be emotional baggage?

Think about it for a moment; imagine the impact on you if you could release all the anger, sadness, guilt, hurt, and fear held in your past memories, while preserving what needs to be learned from those events.

Time Line Therapy™ techniques bring freedom from undesired negative emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and anxiety, by releasing these emotions from the memories that house them.
You are then able to react freely to future possibilities without the emotional drain of the past.

In life, your emotions can make or break you.
They have a direct affect on your performance.
It is therefore important that you are able to successfully manage your emotions.

Negative emotions can prevent you from staying focused on your goals.

We can help with depression, anxiety, negative self-image, fears and phobias, and other limiting conditions derived from bad habits.
Many conditions are caused by negative emotions and events from your past.

In most cases, the underlying issue causing the problem is in your unconscious mind where all of your memories, internal programming, learning’s, habits, emotions, self-image, attitudes, and assumptions are stored.

How to Create the Future You Want

Imagine the benefit of learning simple, yet powerful, tools and techniques to bring about rapid and effective change!

You will be able to let go of feelings such as fear, anger, depression, guilt, hurt and stress.
You will be able to build, re-build or enhance your self esteem, gain confidence, be in the most suitable emotion for the task at hand, and become more relaxed and self empowered.
You will feel inspired and confident.

These tools also provide a specific way, a pathway, to creating the future you want to make your dreams and goals a reality.

The process is simple, inspirational and produces real-world results.
And we all want results!

You will be able to take the techniques and apply them to various areas of your life.

This applies equally to your health, relationships, learning, teaching, sports performance, business development, and sales.

You will be able to focus positively and energetically in any area you choose to improve your performance.

Our techniques include NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Intelligence and Belief Mapping.

These methodologies can help you to eliminate any obstacle in a relatively short space of time, perhaps in a minimum of one to a maximum of three sessions. And we guarantee our results.

To overcome a fear or phobia such as fear of public speaking or fear of flying generally takes only one session. Significant issues will require more than one session.

We offer phone coaching as an alternative, practical solution if you prefer this approach.

However, one-on-one in person coaching for all areas of coaching and personal assistance is preferred and is always available.

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