Depression is a serious mental illness.
It is vital for a person suffering from this condition, or feel that they may be suffering in this way, to go and see a doctor.
Professional help is always available.
Don’t wait – act.

It is important to realise that a range of physical health conditions with symptoms similar to those of some mental health conditions do exist.

This may make a condition difficult to diagnose.
A thorough assessment of a person’s physical and mental health is essential.
So, professional help from a doctor is required.
However, it is useful to know the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety.
This can help to decide the type of treatment needed.
At Know Your Mind we advocate seeking professional help.

People with depression or anxiety often do not see the point of doing anything.
They can feel that no-one can help them.

Learning about depression can help you to understand why a person with this illness behaves in a such a way.

An important area that can produce excellent results is the use of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT).
This form of counselling intervention can be used to complement medication.
It includes monitoring the thoughts a person has about themselves.

Cognitive simply means “thinking” and the way a person thinks about their condition can have a dramatic affect on the way they feel and act.
Sometimes this internal dialogue – the constant self-talk needs to be quietened down.

If a person finds themselves constantly thinking negative thoughts it is likely they will respond with a lowering of their mood.

It is simple cause and effect. If this goes on over a long period of time it will soon become incredibly unhelpful and is likely to make a condition much worse.

Challenging unhelpful thoughts and replacing these thoughts with a more positive way of thinking will affect the way a person feels and responds.

This is a learned behaviour and there are a number of psychological tools that can be used to make this an important part of dealing with a debilitating condition.

We all have experiences of stressful situations.

CBT can help a person to think more clearly about life’s problems and daily challenges.

Importantly, there are ways to overcome debilitating problems using CBT, NLP, Time Line Therapy™ Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy.

These tools can produce significantly beneficial results when dealing with serious mental setbacks.

When you take one or more sessions in NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Emotional Intelligence and Hypnotherapy with us, you will learn the skills needed to handle your mind in a better way, and also be able to deal with many related disorders, such as stress management, fears and phobias, and anxiety.

Other issues that arise from a lack of motivation include a huge hit on self-confidence, smoking, weight loss, inability to relax, tiredness, lethargy, drug abuse, sexual dysfunction, can also be treated.

People who wait too long before taking action often experience a lot of pain and worry before they are motivated to act.

If they let the stress or anxiety levels get too high before they act, it can seriously affect their health and well-being.
It is better to act.
Getting in contact with your local doctor is the most important first step.

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