Fear is perfectly normal.

Anxious feelings can prevent a person from taking an unreasonable risk.

However, many people become afraid of situations that are not of themselves particularly dangerous.

Anxiety occurs when the perceived difficulty of a situation appears to be much greater than a person’s perceived resources. Yet, virtually all anxiety disorders can be overcome.

So, what is anxiety?

It is a future-based concern that may involve fear.
More specifically, anxiety is a warning from the unconscious mind to focus on what you want.

Examples of “anxiety” include public speaking, heights, wild storms, visiting the doctor or dentist (ouch!), flying on airplanes, driving on freeways or at night, a meeting with the boss, cold calling, being interviewed, and so on.

Think of any situation and you can probably find someone who is afraid of it.
These fears are often irrational.

There are relatively straightforward ways to overcome these debilitating problems using NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy.

These tools can also assist people suffering from depression.

In general, once fear or a lack of confidence are replaced with the ability to take comfortable and timely action, a person can find the symptoms of anxiety disappearing and this helps them to live a normal life.

Stress and anxiety cause physical and mental illness.
When anxiety and panic attacks are controlled, the body becomes much healthier.

Living positively with the energy to create enjoyable mental activity and physical healing is the result.

Anxiety and panic attack are not necessary and are certainly undesirable.
Anxiety treatment and panic attack treatment can be eliminated using NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Once successfully concluded a person can move forward with confidence.

For serious mental illness such as depression, medication can be complemented by using psychological tools to help control the way a person thinks, feels and behaves.

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