How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART NINE

It is always useful to ask yourself a simple question when you are faced with a situation where you will be meeting with someone you want to influence and persuade.

This is an opportunity to use your communication skills based on emotional intelligence.

By preparing yourself you can actively get into the right state and feel those feelings that will allow you to communicate effectively.

The question: “How do you want to feel?”

Now emotional intelligence is the ability to solve problems with emotional information.

It is the ability you have to solve your problems using your own emotional skills.

Your emotions will impact your communication and assist you in influencing and persuading the person you will be communicating with.

So, adopting the appropriate feeling for a specific context is essential and it is important to get this right.

Communicating in this way should become second nature to you because you may need to alter how you feel many times during a conversation.

Just ask yourself:
“What is the most effective mood for this task and in this particular context?

Take a moment to think about the state you want to embrace.
And then you can begin the process of generating the feelings of that state.

Anchoring can help you to do this.
Begin to appreciate how emotions can change and become really aware of these changes.
Also allow your flexibility to constantly adjust your state.

Emotional intelligence, influence and persuasion combine brilliantly to get results.

These skills should form part of your communication skills and strategy.
This will allow you to be natural at showing genuine empathy.

The influence to get a person to accept your communication requires improving your communication skills through using emotions.

Being aware of how you are feeling and knowing how your emotions may change is more than useful.

Applying emotional intelligence to your communication skills will ensure you produce effective communication when it matters.

Emotional intelligence makes a key difference and will help to produce communication that will help to get the results you want.

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