How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART TWO

At Know Your Mind we are advocates of the MSCEIT model of emotional intelligence. This model assesses how well people actually do a task rather than how well they believe they do the task. Ability models assess actual performance rather than rely on perceptions.

We cover the major aspects of emotional intelligence and its overall usefulness.
The ability to identify, facilitate, understand and manage emotions is covered.

People who possess strong emotional intelligence are better able to:

  • Pay attention to their own and other people’s emotions
  • Observe other people and correctly identify what they are
  • Generate moods appropriate to a given situation
  • Be creative and empathetic
  • Influence others
  • Work well in a team
  • Understand what others feel and why
  • Be good at reading people
  • Have insight into people
  • Predict emotions and understand emotional complexity
  • Feel emotions but not be controlled by them
  • Solve problems in which emotions are involved
  • Demonstrate advanced communication skills
  • Demonstrate body language that is aligned with what they are saying
  • Have strong mentoring skills
  • Improve their coaching ability
  • Excel at selling, sales and training, coaching and mentoring

What is communication?

To communicate effectively requires using words to redirect a person’s attention and change their perceptions.
It is vital to have persuasive power at your fingertips.
Emotions play a significant role in this.

This video looks at your personal inventory of emotions.
The next video looks at listening skills.
Covered is a range of emotions including pride, anger, greed, fear, grief and apathy.

A communication strategy that includes the ability to shift your emotional state will produce behavioural influence and provide you with the influential skills to generate better results.

The best ways to influence people is through an emotional connection.

This series of videos attempts to demonstrate how to influence and persuade people using emotional intelligence.

It covers practical, in-depth skills that can be used on a daily basis.
It provides the viewer with an action plan and approach to succeed in any area of their life where communication skills are important.

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