How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART THREE

The ability to communicate in a normal, articulate way may not be enough to give you the winning edge in today’s competitive business world.

Having the ability to communicate in a different way through emotional intelligence, however, is critical.

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves and for managing emotions effectively in others and ourselves.

The key to success and prosperity is adaptability.
It is created through communication skills based on persuasion and influence.

To be a truly effective communicator requires using influential skills complemented by emotional intelligence know-how.

The ability to read people through their emotions develops trust and trust is the cornerstone and underpins success.

As previously stated, to communicate effectively requires using words to redirect a person’s attention and change their perceptions.

It is vital to have persuasive power at your fingertips.
Emotions play a significant role in this.

A communication strategy that includes the ability to shift your emotional state will produce behavioural influence and provide you with the influential skills to generate better results.

The best ways to influence people is through an emotional connection.

This series of videos attempts to demonstrate how to influence and persuade people using emotional intelligence. It covers practical, in-depth skills that can be used on a daily basis.

It will provide you with an action plan and an approach to succeed in any area of your life where communication skills are important. And where isn’t it?

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