How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART SEVEN

Using your emotions can help you to achieve your goals.

Being adept at matching and mirroring people you are communicating with can also lead to terrific results.

If you can do this skillfully, you can then lead a person to make decisions in your favor.

Clearly, being able to shift state rapidly in any circumstance in a given moment, in any circumstance, is hugely beneficial.

There are a number of methods you can use to cause an emotional shift including:

Awareness of your own state
Focusing on your thinking
Changing your physiology
Vigorous Movement
Changing your breathing
Relaxing your muscles
Changing your vision
Paying attention to someone else

So, why not practice these approaches?
You will be surprised how swiftly you can alter your state in a given moment after a little practice.

It is vital to recognize that emotions are important signals and the ability to read these signals, together with skills in persuasion and influence, can radically transform your results.

Communication itself is not just about being logical – influencing others requires communication skills and strategies based on emotional intelligence to fully succeed.

Learning persuasion techniques and having the ability to influence is an important part of effective communication.

Acquiring advanced communication skills requires understanding how to recognize, use, understand and manage emotions.

So, again, what is communication?

It is the ability to use logic and emotion together to produce clear and concise information based on feelings. Emotional intelligence makes the difference and provides communication skills that gets results.

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