How to Persuade With Emotional Intelligence PART FOUR

The ability to communicate effectively is so important if you want to achieve consistent, winning results.

However, to achieve extraordinary results requires something more.

The ability to tap into emotional intelligence as part of your communication skills is the difference between competence and excellence.

The ability to identify your own emotional state and the state of others is vital.

If you are weak in this area it is likely that you will ignore your own emotions and be prone to acting on incorrect information.

If you have strengths in this area you will be alert to your own feelings and have awareness around what other people are feeling. You will be able to correctly identify what they are feeling.

This will provide you with an enormous advantage when you are communicating with them.

Emotions are important signals and the ability to read these signals, together with skills in persuasion and influence, can transform your results.

Communication is not about being logical!
Influencing others requires communication strategies based on emotional intelligence to fully succeed.

Learning persuasion techniques is an important part of effective communication.
Coaching people in this area will produce an enormous payoff.

In part excellent communication requires the ability to use logic and emotion together to produce clear and concise information based on feelings.

Emotional intelligence makes the difference and provides communication skills that ultimately leads to brilliant results.

Identifying Emotions
If you are weak you are most likely to:
Ignore other people’s emotions
Have difficulty recognising faked emotions

If you are strong you are most likely to:
Have good information about a situation

Emotion Facilitates Thought
If you are weak you are most likely to:
Have flat moods
Struggle to feel what other people feel
Have hindered creativity

If you are strong you are most likely to:
Generate moods appropriate to a situation
Be creative and have empathy
Be able to influence others
Work well in a team

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