How to Set Up Your Learning System

You know the feeling you get when you’re totally involved in an activity?

Time just seems to fly by, and you get completely lost in the activity.
It seems as if you have boundless energy, you are so immersed.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this happened more regularly?
And I don’t mean deadlines thrust upon you through circumstances, but with something you love, absolutely love doing.

The best way to increase the chances of enjoying the uplifting experience of pure joy when you do something you really love is to stop for a moment and make an effort to again rediscover who you are.

Lighting the spark of curiosity, igniting that spark inside you will give you an increased appetite for losing yourself in something you completely love and rediscover what it is about you that makes you so special.

Go ahead and pick something you would like to absorb yourself in, and give yourself permission to ignore those things, those issues that presently surround you.

When you’ve come up with something, relax and spend some time daydreaming about it.

After a little while, map out what you have discovered, what you have come up with.

I bet there are some things in there that relate to your identity, just consider what there is there for to learn.
Maybe something you have lost, but could soon rediscover.

You know, we tend to take our own environment, that special space that we occupy for granted.
Why not compile a few adjectives that accurately represent your own private space?

You might think it’s a sanctuary, it may be comforting, it could even be exhilarating.
And maybe you haven’t got such a place and it’s time to create one.
It’s definitely time to reconnect with these feelings.

How do you increase and embellish your own environment?

Begin to see this place as a place of learning.
Now step in and consider what it is you can learn in this place that maybe you would have difficulty learning anywhere else.

And when you do this bring to mind those adjectives, those words that describe, fully describe, how you feel when you are in this environment, where you can now learn whatever it is you’ve set your mind on and get completely lost in the task and really enjoy the experience.

Once you have done this, fire up your imagination, and create a mental picture of your ideal environment.

It could be anywhere in the world.

Just go ahead and create a mental picture of the perfect place.
Make it a perfect place where you can explore possibilities and learn naturally and easily, no matter how difficult, or complex, or challenging the task.

Make sure you do this so the image can be brought up easily and effortlessly.

The next time you feel stressed, again fire up your imagination and paint the image on to your own inner theatre.

When you are faced with a difficult problem, again do this, and connect the warmth of the image to the experience, the stimulus to the problem at hand.

New possibilities can very quickly open up, can spring up out of absolutely nowhere.

Use the power of your imagination and reconnect to your own special abilities, and make your environment the ideal place for learning.

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