Sales Training Made Simple PART FOUR

Welcome to Part Four of a straightforward yet highly effective 5-Step Sales Process.

The next step is to link their need or what they value to your service or product.

Prior to offering a solution, let them know what can be achieved by using the WHAT-IF frame:

“What would happen if we increased your sales?”
“What would happen if we decreased your expenses?”
“What would happen if your business suddenly turned around magically?”
“What would happen if the problem disappeared and you were back in profit in the next 60 days?”

Now you want to propose a solution to their immediate problem.
Let them know WHAT you will do and HOW this will solve the problem.
Headache over!

Make a statement to this effect.
Speak about the “value” of your proposal, your solution.
Keep the statement relatively brief.
Make it short and to the point.

At this stage, all frames should be large not small.
Go ahead and compare your solution to the current situation.

Contrast frames are very useful and sharpen the focus.

They go straight to the old brain, the reptilian brain, the emotional decision maker.

You want a prospect to compare what will happen once your solution is in place in direct contrast to what is presently occurring.

This goes to the heart of what they ideally want and value.
Show why you are the “what to do” and “how to get it done” problem solver!

Since people always want to know reasons WHY, so tell them by using the magic word “BECAUSE” and supply the reasons.
“You will be back in profit very soon because…”
“This will increase your sales because…”
“Because you will be streamlining your processes, your overheads will reduce by over 25%.

Make use of the Agreement Frame.

Always accept, and agree with, what they say.
Avoid using the word BUT.
Link statements with AND.
“I agree AND…” – not “I agree BUT…”
Focus on adding value.

“I agree with what you are saying AND…”
“I respect what you are saying AND here’s how we can add more value to make a bigger difference to your bottom line.”
“I appreciate what you are suggesting AND I’m sure you will consider another way to even more quickly improve your results.”

Make full use of the strategies you elicited earlier.
Fire their reassurance strategy.

Repeat the client’s values and key words in your closing statements.

At this point someone will buy.
Somebody always buys in a selling situation.
You have established a need.
You have established value.
You have proposed a solution to the problem.

Either the CLIENT will buy your solution from you because you are selling a better way of doing business OR YOU will buy their limitations, lack of clarity, and poor decision-making.
Guess which sale is preferred!

That completes Part Four.
In the next part we will cover how to handle objections and close the sale.

Remember you have may faces, let’s put them to use and let’s get brilliant results.
Till we meet again, take care, cheerio for now.

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