Master Your Habits – Control Your Social Media Activities

As you know, there has been an explosion in social media activity in recent years.

Many people are finding themselves struggling to devote sufficient time to properly attend to detailed activities such as analysis and learning.

What can you do to avoid this trap? 24 hour a day accessible contact with anyone around the world has become more than a possibility.
Opening email has almost become a chore with so much junk hitting your inbox.

If you ever pop on to public transport you will see people’s fingers going crazy using their mobile devices.
Some even take the trouble to tell the person they are connected with, and you by default, that they are on the train approaching such and such a station, as if you didn’t know!

While there are clearly benefits in having this kind of instant connection, there is a drawback.
That’s right, the attention span of many seems to have lowered with the rise in social media.

The brain is beginning to resist paying appropriate attention and energy to anything more substantial, in particular learning.

How can you use your mind in the best way to get the most out of your pursuits including social media?
How can you manage your attention in a superior way?

Clearly, organizing, understanding and managing your attention efficiently will give you the opportunity to devote time to important matters and allow you to enjoy the benefits of social media activities.

Have a go at the following:

Step 1: Do a personal inventory.
How much time are you on spending on social media?
What activities are you consistently involved in?
Is your productivity being consumed by these activities?
Are you more connected for personal or professional reasons?
How often do you connect with old friends?
Where precisely are you spending your time?

Step 2: Question your own motives.
Why are you so caught up in social media?
Do the positives outweigh the negatives?
What else can you discover and learn?
How does it stimulate your thinking?

Step 3: Decide how much time you are prepared to devote.
How will you manage your time?
When will you spend time doing this activity?
What are you missing out on by spending this time?
What will you stop doing?

Use the power of your mind, your wonderful brain, and your rich imagination, and let it to steer you towards something you feel passionate about, rather than being distracted and consumed by so much social media.

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