How to Learn Anything and Remember It

How can you use the power of your mind to make the changes you want to get the benefits that you would love to have?

Your brain is like a well-oiled machine.

It can be likened to a super computer.
And like a computer, it can do extraordinary things once it has been programmed.
However, a machine cannot change and grow.
A computer needs a program, it needs direction.
But your brain can change and does grow.

Overcoming problems can be a challenge for most of us.
It’s easy to feel drained by their constant presence.
Problems arise in financials, relationships, health, careers, family, friends and so on.
It almost as if they are hardwired in the brain.

We seem to be naturally forced to have them.
To get what you want can require a superhuman effort mainly because of these irritating issues that refuse, steadily refuse to go away.
And maintaining a huge effort, well it’s just too difficult.

Meeting a challenge on occasions, yes.

But maintaining a massive effort on a daily basis is too much of a grind and given problems will not go away for any extended period, how do you step up, how do you learn a new skill, how do you get the kind of the change that you truly desire, the breakthrough that you want?

A big problem is that everything today seems to require speed.

Instant results are demanded.
If you haven’t got a solution in 5 minutes, you may as well give it away.
We demand instant remedies for all kinds of things are the Holy Grail of the 21st century.

Whether it’s faster broadband, instant reviews of everything under the sun, 24-hour news cycles, live streaming, mobiles always in hand, texting and selfies galore, pop culture gone mad, more tweets per minute than you could possibly read in a lifetime, rapid personal communications of every shade and colour, fast food.

On it goes, all accelerating at warp speed every single day.
Do you want to read a novel?
Surely you can’t be serious!
Way too slow!

Now, the brain prefers a tortoise and hare approach.
If you intend to learn something really quickly – by cramming it in – it’s likely to be ephemeral, it just won’t last.

Maintaining improvement and making a skill permanent basically requires a slower, steadier approach.

So, a slow learner can be a better learner.
A new skill of any consequence is likely to require hard work.
Perseverance and staying the course are essential.
Consider this: What is the one thing that you can do so you can become a more effective, polished learner, and be able to think and perform consistently on an inspired level?

Sustained practice is the key.
But the good news is that you can change your life, anybody can change their lives once they decide what they want, and they have the passion to keep going irrespective of the frustrations.

Even better news is that your imagination is your best friend.

Mentally imagining a positive outcome really pays off.

It seems the brain does not distinguish between something that actually happened, and just imagining that it happened.

So, why not think about what you really want, make a plan, and decide to keep going irrespective of the frustrations and the problems that certainly will arise, and begin by imagining how fabulous you will feel when you have got it.

Go ahead and program yourself!

Embark on a slower, steadier, more focused journey and enjoy the ultimate success you most certainly will have.

Use the power of your brain, and your rich imagination to steer you towards something that you feel really passionate about and have always wanted, but maybe felt was too daunting, or beyond you. IT ISN’T!

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