How to Gain Quick Insights

What can you do when you find yourself feeling bogged down trying to find a solution to a tough problem?

What can you do to escape from a way of thinking that is not getting the result you want?
Here’s a way to deal with these kinds of challenges.
It may seem to be a bit harsh to say that the main reason you get bogged down is your over-reliance on your own experiences to solve problems.

In other words, the challenge is to escape from your own current thinking patterns, your own incontrovertible viewpoints.
We are all open-minded until it comes to changing our minds!

What has been established can be undone.
New habits can be formed.
Once put on your “todo” list and attempted with energy, taking a quantum leap in thinking can, will, produce a surprising range of options for any problem that were simply not considered previously.

Living in Australia, let’s call this a kangaroo jump, a leap into future thinking.
With one bound you can connect, create, elevate, evaluate, innovate and apply fresh thinking to a complex issue.
Searching for alternatives will become your habitual thinking.

The secret is to be open-minded.
First step is to acknowledge this.
Do you only ever bring your own experience to a given task?
To your own thinking patterns?
Of course, you do, this is what intelligent people do!
When you’re open-minded you are open to making new connections.
This leads to discovery. So the first step is to recognize when you are closing off your thinking.

Here’s the task I would like you to accept over the next few days.
Stop on occasions particularly when you are in a discussion or undertaking some analysis, and ask yourself, am I closed off?
Create a gesture that represents this.

Be mentally alert that your thinking is stagnating.
Learn to listen differently.
Get your brain to disengage, reengage, disconnect and reconnect.
Think in metaphors, analogies, idioms, symbols.
Think differently!
Transform your thinking!

After a few experiences you will notice how often you bring fresh thinking to a problem.
Your gesture will ultimately cause you to change your pattern of thinking.
Insights will emerge and you will begin to see the glass can only ever be half-full!

Never forget, thinking is a skill and you’re skillful, right?
Use the power of your imagination and your own special abilities to create fresh thinking to overcome any challenge.

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