How to Gain Attention PART TWO

Routine chores of business are conducted because they are needed to keep you in business.
But this is precious time that prevents you from building and developing future, profitable relationships.

What can you do?
The amount of time spent undertaking routine, mundane business matters is staggeringly high.

It takes up a large slice of the working week, an increasingly huge percentage of your valuable time.
Generally, it is paperwork perspiration.
Some of it is mandatory, much of it pointless.

Of course, groundwork and preparation for meetings and other matters is essential, but it fails the number one test, the number one priority of why you are in business – building and developing relationships.

You soon hit a paradox.
You cannot run your business unless you attend to and perform these tasks, yet you most certainly cannot build your business if it takes up too much of your time.
You have come full circle, you get back to attention.

The only event that can build your business is ATTENTION.

The only move that can turn somebody into a customer is attention.
The only state that can grow your career is attention.
The only position that can create success is attention.
The only person who can help to make you more prosperous must have your attention.

Your prosperity is directly linked to the number of relationships you build and develop.

These relationships gain the attention of prospective buyers of who you are and what you sell.

If there is no contact with a potential customer, then you cannot build a relationship.
If it isn’t possible for a potential customer to say YES or NO because their attention is not subjected to your offer, then you cannot build a relationship.

Any time spent where a potential customer is not in a position to say YES or NO, is profitably wasted time because you cannot build a relationship.

What is needed?
An escape, a positive escape from the rigours of routine.

Well, yes, but how?
Make contact with a prospective customer your number one priority that must be attempted first thing each and every business day.
Prioritise your day around customer contact, nothing less is acceptable.

Discover ways to attract the attention of customers and actively test them.

Let customer contact dominate your day.
Switch your efforts from 80% routine to 80% attention and stick with it.

The only time you have any control over is your own.
Focus your energy almost entirely, conclusively on gaining attention.

The big question you need to ask yourself at the end of the day is:

How many people did I gain the attention of today?
Just think about your time.
How you might allocate your time in a more effective way and when you’ve done this, test them out rigorously.

Make it a mission; gain the attention of more potential, profitable customers.

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