How to Gain Attention PART THREE

So, your daily focus is on gaining attention.
This means contacting existing and prospective customers each working day as your first priority, your number one priority.

Challenge yourself because this will guarantee your business success grows and grows.
Decide to aim high.

Your personal branding will be a huge payoff for you because you will know precisely what it is you want to project. You will be able to deliver a consistent message.

Everything you do can aid, support, develop and further strengthen your brand.
And you need a strategy linked to your personal brand for gaining the attention of future customers.

It is smart to have a clear vision of how to influence somebody into becoming a lifelong supporter, an advocate of yours.

This may mean altering the way you attempt to sell.
Instead of trying to close every meeting with a sale, instead focus on discovering the few headaches a person really has, but don’t offer a solution.
Ask questions, show your interest, and then say something like,
“That’s interesting, perhaps we get together, have a coffee, and discuss that.”

You can basically adopt one of three ways to get things done:

You can force, you can negotiate, or you can persuade.
Place yourself squarely in the persuasion camp.
Become competent, no brilliant, at gaining rapport, and learn the art of business negotiation.

Without realising it, you probably are already a pretty good negotiator.
Virtually everything you’ve done in your life, and continue to do, requires negotiation.
You are going to become a skilled business negotiator, a super skilled business relationship negotiator, an attention expert.

This approach shows you are not pushy, not just another sales person, and avoids the feeling of being disappointed when you do not get an immediate response.

Winning the hearts and minds of people can be a patient, waiting, but clever game built around your brand and strategy.

The fulcrum on which your business success is finally balanced is your ability, your daily effort at gaining attention.

Friendship is one of the most powerful triggers that gets results.

Similarity, familiarity, co-operation and collaboration win the day every single time.

Be an authority, share information, comment on your experiences about something highly relevant to them.
Your job is to listen and provide ideas.
Be different.
Your aim is to gain attention and get a detailed knowledge of their needs.

Once you have a clear knowledge of their values, beliefs, decision making, habits, goals, desires, and so on, you will have a business friend for life.

Get it out of your head that your purpose is to close a sale!

It isn’t.
Your sole purpose is to gain attention.
This is taking care of business.
Your results will flow from this.

Think a bit about your time. How you might allocate your time in a more effective way so you gain more attention, and then test these methods absolutely rigorously, and you’re going to find your business will absolutely accelerate exponentially.

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