How to Gain Attention PART FOUR

Welcome to your new mantra!

The more opportunities a person has to buy from you, the more likely they will buy from you.
The less opportunity a person has to buy from you, the less likely they will buy from you.

So, think opportunity!

Your mission, your sole mission that gets results., is to gain attention, get in rapport, build trust, and discover a person’s real headaches.

Patience! Little or no emphasis should be placed on closing a sale!

Each day keep a record of the number of people you have gained the attention of and then each week you can go for your personal best.

Think growth!
Think gaining attention!

If you can excel at gaining the attention of a significant number of would-be buyers you will be a mile ahead of the competition.

Most of them will be back at the office sharpening their pencils, doing the paperwork.
You will be out of your comfort zone, on the open road, winning the game.

Go ahead and consider how you can communicate indirectly without irritating people.
Most people today are tired of the constant drip-feed, drip, drip, drip of useless information aimed stealthily at selling you something.
Don’t do it.

Instead why not exceed a person’s expectations by speaking about or sending them something you know they have a keen interest in.
Again, without any attempt to close any sale.
This, in essence, is focusing on their interests, their needs, rather than your bottom line.

Become a champion at gaining attention.

Attempt to contact a person a minimum of 5 to 10 times before making a serious pitch.
Ultimately this will pay off.
You may think this will consume a large amount of time; perhaps it will, but you can console yourself that it is far better than remaining stuck with less than brilliant results.

Begin to find a way to leverage your actions.
For example, if you intend to send one email to one person, stop for a moment and find a way to send the same email to maybe 10 people.

There are a considerable number of opportunities that you can exploit.
These opportunities are generally missed because most people much prefer to do the same things in the same way irrespective of their results.
We just love that lovely, warm comfort zone!

You can be different, you can be bold, you can dare to be different.

Your sole objective is to gain attention.
Take some time and think about your industry and the potential ways that you can use to gain attention.

Focus solely on gaining attention that gets results..
Create a strategy, experiment, test and persevere.
Make it your mission.
The more people you gain the attention of the more prosperous ultimately you will become.
This is taking care of business!

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