How to Think Creatively PART THREE

If you find yourself, perhaps on occasions unsure of the steps you may need to take to meet a dream, a goal, a challenge, or even a set of problems, then it will be of considerable help if you could find a way to apply your innate, creative thinking ability to the situation.

What exactly is required to stimulate your thinking?

Interestingly, creativity means having the energy, the focus to seek to solve issues by unorthodox and sometimes, well quite illogical means.
It takes a bit of effort, then again creativity always does.

The more you are used to something, the less stimulating it is for your thinking, for your brain.

If you have a single perception of a situation you are more likely to handicap yourself, and be forced to settle on one solution, and it may be less than appropriate.

Unfortunately, your brain conditions you into regular, consistent and convenient patterns of thinking.
The brain always takes the quick and easy route.

So you are in your thinking comfort zone most of the time.

However, when you disrupt your thought processes, the ideas that create the greatest stimulus to your thinking cause you to make new connections to better understand a situation.

Now you’re on to something, and it could be special, very special, and it is enormously satisfying.

Your brain begins to sizzle, and like magic, a great idea can instantaneously flourish.
This is a moment of truth, a WOW moment, an unconscious mind moment.
Your brain is ready now to introduce a new pattern of thinking into your armory.

This leads to more flexible, resourceful and solution-driven thinking.

How can you go about virtually disrupting your current thinking, your everyday thinking, to devise new, novel and innovative patterns of thinking?
Well, one way is to program interruptions, thinking interruptions, into your busy day.

First take a look at your habits.
Could you for an agreed, maybe limited time change any of them?
If you’re super bold, perhaps you could challenge the whole lot of them!

Random thoughts:

Go to be earlier, get up earlier, or the reverse.
Keep a notepad next to your bed and write your thoughts for a minute or so.
If you can alter your working hours.
Go to work in a different way, catch the train, drive, get on your bike, walk, get a lift, whatever.

Stop watching the TV programs you normally watch.
Watch something completely different, maybe nature programs, history programs, debates, discussions, and so on.
Or don’t watch at all.

Read a book, for example try a biography by someone you know nothing about.
Experiment with alternative recipes, different food.
Surprise somebody, including yourself, by organizing something radical.
Read a magazine, again of something you know absolutely nothing about.

These ideas are simple stepping stones and lead to an improved way of thinking about almost everything we take for granted and habitually do.

New stimulating, unconscious patterns of thought will quickly emerge.

You will begin to generate a huge number of ideas and some of them will be real gems, golden nuggets.

Always attempt to connect, create, invent and apply new thought processes to produce ideas so you can meet a challenge head on, and remedy any problem you may be wresting with.

Problem? No worries! You are on the way.

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