How to Think Creatively PART SIX

Sometimes a solution to a problem seems a million miles away.
And it can get you down.

Previously I mentioned the benefits of changing your environment to help solve a difficult problem.
I’d like to chat a little more about this.

The more you are used to something, the less stimulating it is for your brain, for your mind, for your thinking.

When you disrupt a thought pattern, new ideas quickly get formed, quickly get created, and they can provide a tremendous stimulus to your thinking.

And it can be the gateway to making new neural connections and gives you the opportunity to see a difficult situation in a better light, with a different mindset.

It’s almost as if your psychology plays a trick on you and forces you to dream up an out-of-the-blue solution to a problem that has been bothering you and troubling you.

The secret is to be determined to program interruptions into your day.

Easy to say, a challenge to do, although, as you know, there are countless ways of doing this.
But be mindful, once you start you may never stop!

Almost all provocative ideas, ideas that can change your life, stem from an environment and behavioural change.

This act seems to provoke the mind to come up with new ideas and can be a stepping stone to something, well quite surprising.

How can you think differently to find better solutions to everyday problems?
And have this apply to all areas of life, including business.
Take sales, for example.

Why not get out of the office and dream up new ways of increasing your sales?

Perhaps first work you want to think about how you might decrease sales!
What would you have to do?
And this can lead to a better idea, a new idea of how you can increase them.

When something turns out in a disappointing way, alter your routine, change your environment, change your behaviour, then stop and consider what you can learn from the experience.

How might you do it, tackle it next time?
What are the positive aspects?
They will be there, they’re always there.
Look for ways to alter your environment.
Behavioural change will swiftly follow and you can quickly enjoy the benefits.

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