How to Think Creatively PART SEVEN

How readily do you accept that you actually have an unlimited capacity to achieve virtually anything you set your heart on?

Or do you believe you are relatively limited in what you are actually capable of producing?

Let’s find out.

Most people tend to think their ability to excel is somewhat curtailed by their education, the available opportunities, and their God-given resources.

This “self-imposed” mindset restricts them and prevents them from moving forward, accelerating forward, in fact, and getting what they could easily have.
In turn, they can, in effect, stagnate.

Well, one way or another it may be time to accept this limiting notion is misplaced.
Even worse, it is downright nonsense.

Convincing somebody that they do have the ability to excel at just about anything they choose is the first step in changing their mindset.

It sounds simple, but it is a challenge that needs to be attended to rigorously.

Once a person understands that they have the skills, talents and attributes necessary to outperform their current achievements they will accept the premise that they have been underselling themselves.

Moreover, the acceptance that mindset change will inevitably lead to better outcomes will increase the appetite for more change and result in a massive personal transformation.
Why tread water when you can swim with dolphins?

Nice idea and all very well, but how can it be done?

In an attempt to keep this simple it should be recognized that there are two crucial requirements: first, always do whatever you do in an improved way, and second do more of what you do.

In effect this increases the quality and quantity of your efforts.

Sounds straightforward, I know, yet, it can be a daunting task.

The secret is to believe you have the capability and capacity.

So, begin to look for and accept any opportunity you may have to increase your output.
Undertake volunteer work if necessary!

And the more you do the more you will want to do.
A circular chain reaction will kick in, and you will find yourself enjoying extra responsibilities, and excelling at what you do.

Although this may seem simplistic, keep in mind that your mind works in a mysterious yet magical way. Be aware that a contributory factor in producing far more quality output is to settle into a state of calmness and relaxation.

Creative thinking is impossible (perhaps I shouldn’t have used that word!) when you feel stressed or agitated in some way.

A peaceful, stress-free environment will provide you with the opportunity to think more clearly and this is one of the pathways to creativity.

Begin with your environment and the way it makes you feel.
Is it conducive to a strong sense of peace and hence creativity?
Is it an environment that radiates calmness?

If not, why not make part of your environment this way?

Part of your environment should be ideally suited to trigger your imagination.

It should alter your state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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