How to Think Creatively PART NINE

Your brain’s creativity is infinite, but what is one of the very best ways to use this remarkable brilliance, a brilliance you already own?

Your brain’s capacity to create is unlimited.

It is only restricted by your imagination.
There goes a magic word – “imagination”.

Once it is joined by another magic word you will have everything your brain needs to produce amazing results.

Any idea what the word is?
You got it, “association”.

You brain functions at its best creative way once you combine imagination and association.

Why is this?
It uses both left-brain and right-brain thinking.

Today, even without our permission we find ourselves engaging with a vast amount of stimulus.
It’s non-stop.
We are all on a kind of a go-go-go merry-go-round, a great big treadmill.
Too busy to think half the time.

Creativity suffers because many people are just too busy and tired.
And to make matters worse coming up with one good idea just isn’t enough any more.

To succeed brilliantly, irrespective of what you do, a constant stream of new ideas is needed.

So, your brain needs to be stimulated to throw off the shackles of everyday pressures, deadlines, meetings, bottom lines and so on, so it can get back to what it can produce: mind-blowing creativity.

To make this happen it is smart to allocate time to a spell (magic word) of creative thinking everyday.
Make everyday a creative experience!
Get your left-brain to organize this!

What’s a good way to start a creativity session?

Begin with a central idea and let your brain form associations.

To become a master at this activity why not give yourself permission to take a 5-minute break every hour or so?
Just make a decision that you will make this activity part of your routine.

Of course, for you there may be better ways than this to get yourself into the right frame of mind for creativity using your incredible brain’s potential, just work something out.

Now make use of imagery, colour, visualization, and imagination to help your brain make associations from your central theme.

You can always add words to the task to satisfy your left-brain.
Make a list if you find yourself having withdrawal symptoms!

The more creative you are, the more success you will probably enjoy.

Spend a moment and take you inside the fascinating world of creative thinking.

Remember you have many faces, skills, talents and choices, and some terrific attributes.

Why not start making emotional associations between what you do and how people can benefit from it?

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