Get What You Want PART SIX


Have you ever felt like putting your hands over your ears and screaming?

Like a piece of slippery soap some solutions are hard to nail down.

How can you make order emerge from chaos?

In the previous video in this series I mentioned that the theory of probability states that it is possible to predict with almost remarkable precision that the overall result of a large number of separate, individual events is predictable.

So some kind of order emerges out of something totally random.

How can this scientific fact be used to change your results?
Let’s explore how to use this rather weird phenomenon.

Every thought you have sets off a whole bunch of neurons.
Off they go travelling at the speed of light along well-trodden neural pathways.

They’re well-trodden because most of the thoughts we have today are much the same as yesterday, and the day before.
After all, as you know we are creatures of habit.

And when I say “sets off” I actually mean the neurons literally explode into action.

This is an incredibly amazing and dynamic process.

But once you challenge yourself, you can inspire and transform your results.

What would happen if tomorrow you created a set of new, original or positive thoughts on something that you would like to make happen?
You would create new neural pathways.

This, if repeated, would produce a whole new way of thinking about the subject.

Now the brain acts like a filtering system.

It seems to want to protect us from unwanted signals, so we delete, distort the information we receive to preserve our generalisations.
This becomes a habit.
Bad habits produce poor results.
This is the effect.

Why not alter your generalisations?

Why not allow your rational mind to accept wildly different information to filter through?
Get rid of the sentry guarding the information it allows through.

Next thing you know you will come up any number of initiatives that will make the goal much more achievable. You are eventually likely to produce something breathtaking.

Perhaps it’s time to go for it!

Allow your senses to visualise and feel what it is like to succeed outrageously.
Be a different you.
It’s there anyway.
This will quickly alter how you behave.
Brilliant results could swiftly follow.

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