Get What You Want PART SEVEN

Right! Now!

Should I develop my strengths and make them even stronger, or do something about my weaknesses?

What about you?

To get outstanding results in any area of your life you are probably going to need a few skills that you can use to develop any opportunity that is available.

Of course, it could well be that your strengths are being eroded by one or more weaknesses.

Sometimes you may even feel like turning a blind eye to these pesky blighters.
But they don’t go away, do they?

These characteristics are likely to hold you back.
IF you let them!

Here’s a thought, why not look at a few simple questions and identify what it is you could look at to improve your performance?
The questions are listed towards the end of the video.
Have a go and then take some time to determine where you could focus your attention.

I believe the one overriding characteristic that overshadows every other personal attribute is confidence.

Confidence in yourself and your ability to get something done.

Given you have genuine confidence very little can stop you.
What do you think?

Now it seems to me that scientists, more specifically physicists, have been working on a theory of everything forever.

The theory once created, tested and understood would explain all of this phenomena we are surrounded by.
It appears the likelihood of this happening is just a bit doubtful.

There always seems to be something that simply can’t be explained away.
Some things can’t be proven; they must be taken on faith.

I suspect many of your beliefs you have about yourself could well be just as doubtful.

You’ve been told something a few times and now you’ve convinced yourself it must be true.
But is it?
What you believe about yourself creates the confidence you will have about your ability to get what you want.

There are degrees of beliefs and there are degrees of uncertainty.
It is worthwhile exploring the degree of uncertainty you could have accepted about your own special talents.

Here’s a bit of a gamble I’m going to take:

I bet you are above average in skills.
I bet you are above average in intelligence.
I bet you have untapped qualities.
I could expand on this and say I bet you could improve your results in any area of your life you chose to focus on.

Am I right?
Maybe thinking along conventional lines isn’t helping.
Why not make a decision about yourself that can quickly affect your ability to succeed?

Just look at the few questions.
Give yourself the benefit of the doubt when you score yourself.

After you finish you may be in a position to future pace yourself in any area and set about developing a strength or overcoming a weakness.
You may want to consider other areas.
Let me know how you go.

Take confidence, commitment, concentration, resilience, goal setting, coping with pressure as a starter.
Take a look.

Make a decision to challenge yourself.

There’s nothing to stop you from succeeding if you make the decision and give it a red hot go.

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